Snow Gage: Snow Topped Boulder

What a beautiful day. The small clouds stream, speeding across a brilliant blue sky. The pines are swaying, sighing in the gusty wind. Shadows dance. Snow devils whirl. A visual delight. Attila took two hours to remove the snow from the deck this afternoon. This was the second time he has undertaken to remove the snow from the deck, which is quite reasonable at this point in the winter. To date, we have not received a high volume of snow. This is easily determined by observing the boulder in the front yard. Today we can observe the boulder; more accurately we can observe the snow mound that rests on top of the boulder. Other winters, when we had a lot more snow, there was no trace of the boulder, it lay beneath a flat expanse of sparkling white snow; no hint of a rise in the yard to indicate that a boulder even existed. It is only February so the boulder may yet disappear. Worldly Distractions Weather -7 °C Condition: Sunny Pressure: 101.3 kPa Visibility: 16 km Temperature: -7.0°C Dewpoint: -15.3°C Humidity: 52 % Wind: W 18 gust 37 km/h Wind Chill: -14 Quote “There is no salvation in becoming … Continue reading

goin crazy

The snow squalls were interesting yesterday. At times the sky looked like it was clearing, shortly thereafter all you could see out the window was snow. When I drove home from work yesterday it was snowing hard, and a sudden strong blast of wind brought additional snow showering out of the towering roadside trees. Visibility was zero. And suddenly there was an SUV heading straight for me, well into my lane of the highway. Luckily I live here and respect the weather conditions, I was traveling around 40 km per hour, so I could swerve towards the ditch to avoid a head on collision. The driver of the SUV didn’t slow, stop or seem to think anything at all of forcing me off the road, they just kept speeding along. The road was wider where this occurred so I didn’t end up in the ditch, didn’t get stuck. I just carried on at a snail’s pace until I reached home, safe and sound. I don’t yet look old enough to pull off the “little old lady driver” thing, but give me time and I’ll get there. Snow squalls are expected again today. With a little bit of luck a squall … Continue reading


Assumptions are the bane of my existence. Many fields of scholarship have alluded to the inherent weakness of calcified shared assumptions, such as education and business (see below). Although shared assumptions can be a very healthy way of maintaining balanced social interactions, once they cease to evolve freely they become rhetorically and functionally tautological (see definition below). We all have our faults and weaknesses. One of mine is “jumping the gun”. Occasionally I make a superficial assessment of something I read or see, based on false assumptions, then base a conclusion on incomplete information. Usually this goes unnoticed even by myself, because I seldom, if ever, leave any assessment as superficial. I am driven by some internal force to find out more, look at possible meanings, find the context. The superficial assessment serves only as a starting point in my process of education. I am, for the most part, a self-correcting system, in a constant state of intellectual flux. There are times though, when I venture an initial statement on a subject before moving into the research stage. Usually these false statements happen in a conversation where I am feeling some pressure to participate, which is usually but not always … Continue reading

Firewood Tops The List

A.M. Snow squalls are on their way apparently. This morning it is snowing and the wind roars occasionally, which means serious gusts. Driving visibility, the weather network warns, could be nil at times by this afternoon. I will be home by then, I hope. Hopefully Attila will make the short journey home at the end of the day without incident. I rather hope he does, not least because he is the provider of firewood, therefore the provider of heat. Mist and I insist on and appreciate his presence. Of course I have many other reasons for desiring his company, but today firewood tops the list. P.M. As promised, snow squalls have arrived. Attila will be busy most of this evening with snow removal and wood splitting. The road conditions are deplorable, and worsening as the day progresses. Fish for dinner. Usually Attila does the cooking, but I am the designated fish fryer. We buy frozen fillets, which I thaw, pat dry, dredge in peppered flour and fry in olive oil with chopped garlic. It has become a favorite meal. I notice WordPress has another software update that I’ll have to manually install on the server. Not today though. I’m kind … Continue reading


Still here. Attila and I spent Sunday in Toronto. Most of our time was spent walking about, poking around my old neighbourhood, making note of changes and browsing book stores. Then it was down to the Free Times Cafe, another old stomping ground, to hear Steve Paul Simms and friends perform. Old familiar tunes, new tunes, old friends and new friends; we had a wonderful time. We left the cafe to walk through gentle snowfall and the quiet streets to our car. There was nothing gentle though about the drive home. The snow, so benign when traveling on foot or at low speeds in downtown Toronto, became blinding as we travelled north on the highway. The roads became increasing snow covered, and in some locations slippery. We did pass one recent accident where a car heading south had done “donuts” and then taken out the guardrail; flashing police lights were heading south towards the scene. There was little traffic save for odd lone transport truck. We arrived home at 1:30 a.m. Attila then stayed up to build and burn a fire in the masonry heater, and split the wood for the next morning’s burning. I headed to bed, so I … Continue reading