Snow Squalls

This morning Attila rotated his computer to show me the snow that had accumulated on the deck over the last six days. He shovelled the snow off the deck a week ago. Although Attila has been hard at work shovelling snow, both at work and at home, he looks well fed and well rested. Attila… Continue reading Snow Squalls


It is cold here at the little house in the city, -22C. It is also windy. I have a thermostat. This is heavenly. As cold as I think it is here, Attila has a full scale deep-freeze going on at the country house. It is -32C there at the moment. There are snow squall warnings,… Continue reading Cold!

A Shopping Trip

Tank and I were off this morning to one of the nearby cities. For Christmas we received a Costco membership. When Attila and I did our first foray to purchase items at Costco, I chose some cashews. They were coated with preservatives, which I did not expect. I hadn’t checked the label until we got… Continue reading A Shopping Trip