A Winter Day

A.M. Another day dawns.  It is very cold at night.  Attila’s efforts last night with the fire downstairs warmed the second floor to a comfortable temperature.  Downstairs it has cooled down again, but remains above freezing. This morning Attila forgot to open the damper on the masonry fireplace, during the morning firing.  It did not… Continue reading A Winter Day


A.M. Last night, I received a missive that put my own small troubles into perspective.  A friend wrote that her husband, also a friend, has entered palliative care.  He has been battling cancer since the summer months.  Attila and I are thinking of them both. Attila and I are getting ready for work.  We have… Continue reading Perspective

In just one week…

In just one week, this week will be over.  Obvious isn’t it.  And oddly comforting as I face a week in a workplace filled with severe mood swings and roller coaster demands and criticisms.  Just how often I’ll be able to write something speakable in my journal remains to be seen.  However, a week from… Continue reading In just one week…

Decorative Totem

Next week I am scheduled to work with the “negative coworker”, every morning for five days running.  I thought I was doing very well, putting all thoughts of the impending experience aside.  However, my body has quietly and firmly informed me that this is a foolish and ineffective tactic.  My stomach pain has been building… Continue reading Decorative Totem


Black and white and grey out there this morning, with intermittent heavy snowfall. A list of what is bright and shiny around here: success in downloading library books to the Kobo! success in gaining access to a respectable reference library via the Internet while reading my Kobo I can pace the house, much needed exercise… Continue reading Uncluttered