Sittin’ On The Back Porch

I am sitting on the back porch to write this entry, at least the beginning of it. It is 10:41 a.m., and the heat is beginning to close in. I’ve washed and just hung to dry a load of laundry, which has been sitting messily on the floor for over a week. It was time… Continue reading Sittin’ On The Back Porch

You Lose Some, You Win Some

Since January I have experienced tummy upsets, gastrointestinal issues. The cause has been a mystery. A partial explanation has been surmised. I may be lactose intolerant. In January I began to eat ricotta cheese with some regularity, because it was a low sodium choice. My issues began in mid-January. Experiments have ensued. The problem was… Continue reading You Lose Some, You Win Some

Paying It Forward

Currently I am involved in correspondence with a distant cousin who is reading my book. I have been feeling frustration during this interaction, in having to explain simple concepts, such as the meaning of “ca” (circa, or approximate) which was carefully outlined in the introduction to the book, but it evidently didn’t stick, which is… Continue reading Paying It Forward