Side by Side

I know people who are activists. They have a right to their opinions, and I do listen respectfully when interacting with them. I don’t really support “activism”, because the activists that I know like to inflict discomfort and pain on those who are not involved in their hegemonic political endeavours. Bombarding others with political rhetoric,… Continue reading Side by Side

Buckwheat Husk Pillow

The treatment recommended by the Dermatologist has been working for Attila. The Hogweed is gone, thank goodness. The episode with the Hogweed triggered a severe Eczema event, affecting a high proportion of Attila’s skin. That too is now healing nicely. The treatments must be diligently kept up, several times a day, but the effort is… Continue reading Buckwheat Husk Pillow

Home Again

I returned to the country house yesterday. The trip was pleasant, in spite of all the construction delays and the dearth of transport trucks. It is so nice to be spending time with Attila again! Attila saw the Dermatologist today, who has provided him with multiple prescriptions, and a three week plan of action. Attila… Continue reading Home Again