Attila called to let me know that he is taking himself to the hospital emergency. The Hogweed burns on his hands have started to spread, significantly. I think he should have been referred to a dermatologist in the first instance, this is serious, serious stuff, Hogweed burns. But he wasn’t referred on. Our GP is away on vacation, no other GP is available right now; so off he goes to the hospital emergency.

Since Attila works outside, with his hands, this is very bad news. It probably means he won’t be able to work. There is no disability insurance where he works, so we will be without any income for a while.

This is definitely not the kind of change I had in mind. But you have to play the cards your dealt. I sure hope this cloud has a smidgeon of silver lining in it.

Attila will call me late tonight, after his visit, to let me know how things stand. Two hours of driving and the long wait in the hospital will make for a very late night for him.

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“Trying to tell you son if it wasn’t for bad luck, now now
Oh, oh, I wouldn’t have no luck at all
Would you believe I wouldn’t have no luck at all”
From If It Wasn’t For Bad Luck, written by Jimmy Lewis, performed by Ray Charles, 1969


  1. Oh dear! I just read an article about hogweed today in The National Post, I think it was; that is some scary stuff! Fingers crossed that Attila will soon be free of the suffering. Sheesh. The last thing you two need.

  2. Thanks to all for the good wishes. Attila managed to see a doctor at about midnight, an individual with no experience with hogweed burns, who wasn’t comfortable with the prescription and didn’t know anything about hogweed, so gave Attila a chit to be off work for one week, which is worse than useless. The doctor did not take the opportunity to learn about hogweed, the care was not up to snuff in my personal opinion.

    So Attila will go back to work tomorrow, unless he can find a dermatologist himself who will see him within the next week, fat chance.

    No timely health care available for the hogweed issues.

    Winter will offer some relief, as Attila will be wearing heavy gloves.

  3. Bex

    Before you wrote about it, I had never heard of hogweed before. I am going to go research it. We have poison ivy growing around the perimeters of our yard occasionally but that’s the worst thing we’ve picked up. This hogweed sounds dreadful. Your health care system also sound dreadful but then again I haven’t seen any that are much good any more.

  4. Attila has been spending his morning calling dermatologist offices in Ontario. The first ones he talked to were booking for December. After many calls he found one with an opening in mid-September. And then, like a lottery win, he called a dermatologist’s office that had a cancelation THIS WEEK, Attila took it! He has decided to go back to work this afternoon, and await the advice of the Dermatologist. Apparently this dermatologist treated several people with hogweed burns last summer, bad for them, but good experience for the doctor. The Dermatologist is a one hour drive from our country house, gas $! Attila will only lose one day of work, hopefully, which we can weather. So far the hogweed burns have taken hundreds of dollars directly out of pocket, and our daily budget.

  5. The ferocity of the Hogweed burns have certainly taken us by surprise. I am back at home, so that I can accompany Attila to the city, and his appointment with the Dermatologist. We are hoping for the best.

    Hogweed burns are very, very serious for people who have to work out of doors, it gets worse over time if exposed to ANY sunlight, and it is impossible to work out of doors and not be exposed to ANY sunlight. The Canadian medical establishment is not prepared to deal with this effectively. The Canadian government does not have a program in place to control this noxious plant.

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