Pen & Paper on Canada’s 150th Birthday

Composed on Canada’s 150th Birthday, Canada Day July 1st, 2017 Rideau Camp, Ontario, Canada Today the Dominion of Canada is 150 years old. My ancestors arrived here before the Dominion was formed, they were working people seeking a life where hard work would feed their families. They were pawns in the larger agendas of their… Continue reading Pen & Paper on Canada’s 150th Birthday

Cleaning the Closet

The morning coffee is still being prepared on the range, with the camping percolator. That old percolator was another yard sale scoop, many, many years ago. It is a stainless steel model, so is virtually indestructible. It is shiny at the top, and black on the bottom, from being used over campfires. It works very… Continue reading Cleaning the Closet