Double Entry

We headed for our little house in the city on Friday night. There is no Internet connection there, no television and only a cell phone for communication. I wrote an entry on my laptop, but couldn’t post it with no access to the Internet. So here it is below, making this a double entry. We arrived home late last night to thundershowers, a fantastic show of lightening and a very annoyed feline. From the second Mist laid eyes on me she began to yowl at the top of her voice. It was cool in the house, 14C, which isn’t that bad. Mist had assessed the situation otherwise though, she was monumentally unimpressed by our bad behavior, or lack of it due to our absence. We still have lots of snow in the bush. The yard is brown, so wonderful. But there is still a lot of white around us. It is melting faster and faster. Go snow, go. After working for two days scraping paint from the exterior siding of the little house in the city, I am stiff this morning! A condition well earned, I might add. The front of the house is almost entirely scraped. I had to … Continue reading


Another quiet day here in the bush. Soon it will be time to throw open the windows and hear the wind in the pines; the birds singing and the whine of traffic on the weekends. Funny how one can almost completely tune out the drone of traffic! It is a beautiful sunny day today. It was chilly last night, around -8C, perhaps colder. The house is coolish this morning, so that Attila will burn a noon fire in the masonry heater to get things warmed up. That should do it, if the weather forecast is even remotely accurate. By the weekend temperatures should stay well above freezing at night, and go up as high as 20C during the day. My research is going well, although I find that some of the work done at the end of the day, after 12 or more hours at the keyboard, can be a little dubious. Yesterday’s work on the project is reviewed before moving forward each day with further research. Our company, Em and Henry, did not arrive yesterday, which wasn’t a problem. The only drawback was that I had baked a coffee cake to serve with tea during their visit. Since they … Continue reading


Three inches of snow! That is what greeted us this morning as light crept across the landscape. A few hours later, the snow is beginning to slide off the roof, to land on the deck and gardens with great loud thumps. Music to my ears! I am coping with the visitation of white by keeping the blinds closed, and the full spectrum light by my desk burning bright. I am hoping that out-of-sight-out-of-mind will result in the complete disappearance of the unwanted frozen white stuff. I’ll have a peek again tomorrow morning to see how things are going out there! I’ve just had a message from Annie. I’ve been worried about her, as she hasn’t been in touch since January. With good reason, as it happens. Her father passed away in February, and her mother and mother-in-law are all in need of her attentions as they cope with loss and ill health, one in Canada, the other in England. Annie seems to be holding up well, although her sense of humour isn’t quite as sharp as is usual, just at the moment. Henry and Em are going to pop in tonight to pick up some bulk food supplies I ordered … Continue reading

Blank Pages

The key to consistency for me, is occasional interruption. Routines are great, as long as they can be set aside at will, to be taken up again later. For a while, each morning, this blog page sat open and blank on the screen at startup. That became an open invitation for shared misery during the month of March, so the window was only opened occasionally for the sake of avoiding unhealthy obsession. Now it is April, the blank page has returned to the morning routine. The snow is melting fast now. The large brown patches of earth that slowly emerged over the last two weeks are spreading, reaching to touch one another in celebration of the sun. Then, it began to rain the night before last. Yesterday was cloud covered and windy. This morning clouds blanket the sky; it is snowing. Even so, it is warm enough to melt snow. Attila and I watch white’s departure with fascination and delight. Yesterday I signed on the dotted line for one month of World service at Since, I’ve referred to, and transcribed information from, 126 documents. Distant relatives who emigrated to the USA during the 1800s are coming into focus. This … Continue reading

Will Melt

Transition: “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”. So says my computer’s dictionary. That is definitely what I am experiencing today, transition. I was numb, my feelings buried deep so as not to be evident in any way, so as not to set off the hostility and retaliation of my former coworker. I was tormented, and helplessly watched others being tormented, for much of the month of March. Now the feelings generated by that experience are slowly rising to the surface, they are not pretty. And how are they manifesting? The kitchen tap is dripping, it infuriates me! There is a small smudge, left when an insect was killed with a fly-swatter, on the wall, near the ceiling, in the bathroom; I can’t see it, sitting at the computer. But I know it is there, and it is irritating me no end! This isn’t easy, all this fury and irritation aimed at my immediate environment. Keeping busy is very important at this point in the process of recuperation. Attila, so far, has not come under fire, so you could say things are going rather well! Having written all this, I just glanced out … Continue reading