Today I have errands to run at the bank. I need loonies for parking in the city, every time I go to the walk-in clinic I have to pay for parking, and I will need to pay for parking when I go for my CT scan. I need to figure out how to get to the hospital where the CT scan will be done, and find out about the parking there as well. Parking in the city is my ongoing discomfort, I don’t like it. Tank is huge, and is too tall for parking garages, so alternatives must be explored. There are times when I switch vehicles with Attila so that I can use the enclosed parking towers, but I like to find alternatives if possible, and leave the car to Attila, who has it all setup to accommodate his work routines.

I also need money from the bank to pay for activities. Activities cost money. After paying a membership fee, and then for the whole series of yoga classes which were a poor fit, I am reticent to invest in any other activity right now that requires me to pay membership fees and prepay for an entire series of classes. I will run out of funds quickly if I buy memberships from all the different organizations that require them to try out their activities. I am looking at pay-as-you-go activities, where I can attend without making a financial commitment, just in case it isn’t a good fit. This narrows the field somewhat, but until I have exhausted all pay-as-you-go options, I won’t be paying any more general membership fees.

The construction of the rental units at the end of our dead end street began today. A huge transport truck, with a huge digger on the flatbed, backed down the street today and dropped off the digger. Soon they will begin tearing up the forest and wetland, dump truck after dump truck will arrive and leave with during the week, and then when they get the foundations in, the pounding and sawing will begin. It will be a noisy summer with an exponentially increased traffic load on our street. I will just have to get used to it, and I will. There isn’t much vacant land around here after this development, so this should be the last of the new complexes going in near Mist Cottage.

This evening I am attending the meditation class in the city for the second time, and afterwards Attila and I have arranged to attend a music event together. A very big night out for me. Both venues are now somewhat familiar, which allows me to enjoy them more easily. I now have two relatively comfortable, affordable activities that I can attend weekly. Four weeks ago I had none.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 1:00 PM EST Tuesday 23 January 2018
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 99.8 kPa
Tendency: Falling
Temperature: 2.9°C
Dew point: 2.1°C
Humidity: 95%
Wind: SSW 16 km/h
Visibility: 13 km


“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.”
Blaise Pascal
1623 – 1662

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Stubblejumpers Cafe

Maybe you will have to start making bag lunches including baking, and put a sign in your front window for all those hard workers who will be driving past every day till the construction is completed. Sounds like a built-in clientele:

Maggie’s Kitchen
~ fresh bagged lunches daily
~ order in advance, phone ###-###
~ takeout only

I’m just kidding, I don’t think you’d ever do that. But I bet it could work into a lucrative business till one of your neighbours reported you for running it in a residential zone.

Maybe your camper could be a food truck parked in your driveway!

Oh I’m just full of hilarity today aren’t I.



Kate has my brain going with the boxed lunch business. I’m already thinking about the limited menu, the deadlines, the online ordering, the reusable containers (have to be eco-friendly, after all) and seeing the crowd of workers at the end of the street when you show up with the lunches at a fixed time every day.

The rules are probably too onerous and the permits too costly, but it is a great idea.

Bex Crowell

Rather than paying to go to groups to help you cope thru this challenging time, maybe you might consider volunteering to do some work for the needy and less fortunate, cooking in a soup kitchen (do they have those there?) or working for a local church of synagogue. It may not pay you anything but then again it probably wouldn’t cost you anything either. And the giving of your time for others always is a benefit to the soul, IMO.


What? What volunteer work! I guess if you wanted to tell, you already would have. -K.