Sleep is beginning to return, as the holding pattern between Attila and myself settles into something recognizable, something to be trusted, at least temporarily. In reality, temporary is the state of any present reality, time takes care of that.

I find I am able to spend increasing periods of time with my projects, and I am grateful that they exist. Crocheting the blanket, working on my genealogy research and book, updating the web site, reading, and writing, lots and lots of writing. Every day I spend a little time with my email account, and a little bit of time on Facebook, where my few friends share interesting tidbits that interest them, and where I meet with friends to share bits of personal news and thoughts. My favourite place in the world does not exist in corporeal reality, it is here, at Page By Page, where I have met, and am privileged to interact with, such wonderful people.

This morning the house is very quiet, it is 6:50 a.m., predawn. Through the window I can just see the silhouette of tree branches emerging from the darkness. It is only a matter of minutes before the western sky will glow as the sun approaches the horizon. Every sound in the house speaks of calmness, the roar of the furnace and its whirring fan, the tick of the clock, random creaks as the house complains about its unknowable discomforts.

This morning I have decided to try lists as a grounding device. I will list the small tasks I want to accomplish today, and check them off as they are completed. Although it seems a small thing, I find that lists assist me in plotting a course through an empty day, to set priorities, and offer a small reward of satisfaction as each item is checked off. Of course, my propensity for the written word means that the black scratchings on white paper are loved and familiar territory.

Reading and writing have always been my refuge in the chaotic storm of life. Books revealed the dreams and observations of bright hearts and minds, providing me with friendships in absentia during my childhood. When Terra wanted me to throw out my books I was horrified to the core, and of course, my books remain here with me at Mist Cottage.

I was dismayed to hear that my Mom wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday last. She had chills and vomiting, but was feeling better by Tuesday night. Thankfully she was almost up to snuff yesterday. It is good to know that my sisters have passports, and are able to fly down to Florida at a moments notice, should she need them. I doubt she ever will need them to do that though, she is a master at taking care of herself. Mom showed me a picture of the new afghan she is crocheting, it is quite beautiful. My Mom is very talented with her hands, and quite artistic as well.

The morning progresses, the western sky is bright along the horizon as the sun approaches, it is 7:20 a.m. My morning coffee has been enjoyed, the paper and pen await my attention, so I am off to compose today’s list.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 7:00 AM EST Thursday 25 January 2018
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 103.2 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: -14.9°C
Dew point: -18.7°C
Humidity: 73%
Wind: W 8 km/h
Wind Chill: -20
Visibility: 24 km


“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”
Celia Thaxter

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Bex Crowell

That quote up there… by “Celia Thaxter” – that’s funny because in high school in Marblehead, we had a brand new, hot out of college, English teacher called Celia Thaxter. She could have been mistaken for Elizabeth Taylor – a real stunner – and let me tell you, at only about 22 years of age, the male population in our classes there, only being a few years younger than she, were mesmerized! And she, although married, was a huge flirt – just like Liz would have been. It was quite comical to watch her first year there when she would be out in the halls with a huge contingent of male students flocking around her like bears to honey! She turned out to be a wonderful, smart, and much loved teacher and was there as long as I can remember.

Bex Crowell

Just noted a funny coincidence – when I looked up Celia Thaxter on google just now, I found that her biography was called “Sandpiper” and written by Rosamond Thaxter. “Sandpiper” was the name of a movie starring Eliz. Taylor and Richard Burton, I believe… one of my own faves of hers and his.

Joan Lansberry

I’m glad your mother is feeling better, Maggie! Very interesting recollections about Celia Thaxter. Small world!

Bex Crowell

Apologies! (I just got up!) – mine wasn’t “Celia” Thaxter – I just remembered… her name was/is “Jane” Thaxter. I think. I have heard of Celia Thaxter before and just kept thinking our teacher had the same name, but it must have been only the last name. Sorry! Still… a memory… and I like C. Thaxter’s quote for today.

I’d also love to see a pic of you Mum’s blanket!


I’m also glad to hear that your Mom is recovering. The flu this winter seems worse than last year. I love making lists. For one thing, it helps me to remember what I need to get done. But crossing out each task is really satisfying too. You see exactly what you accomplished in a day.