Clear The Deck

Clear The Deck

Well, at least it is relatively warm tonight! We are able to keep the house comfortable with two firings of the masonry heater. The price we pay for this warmer weather is MORE SNOW.

Today the highways became bare, for the first time in ages. We have had one afternoon and evening of bare and wet roads, which will be covered with snow again by tomorrow morning.

Yesterday afternoon I heard men shouting at the neighbour’s house. When I looked out the window to see what the hoopla was about, there was a young man on their second story roof, brandishing a snow scoop. He would begin at the peak and push the snow down and over the edge of the roof. It looked pretty dangerous to me. One slip and he would fall two stories. Maybe falling two stories onto a very high snow bank isn’t considered an issue. I would not like to try it.

Now the neighbours are ready to let the current snowfall warning do its worst! Attila hasn’t had a chance to “clear the deck” yet, so he will have a very busy Saturday ahead of him.

We are looking forward to our Midwinter celebration. The Christmas Tree, a Fraser Fir, has been an enchanting companion since early December. It has just been in the last few days that it has begun to look a bit brown at the top, more brown than green I would say. So it is time that we remove the decorations and prepare it for our celebratory bonfire. It is something we could not do at the little house in the city, have a bonfire. But then, the winter would not be weighing so heavily upon us there, as the climate is significantly milder.

For our Midwinter celebration we decided to indulge in a homemade pizza. We have all the ingredients on hand, and now all we need is hydro service to make our plans come true.

Last Sunday Attila roasted a turkey for my birthday celebration. Tonight we had our last leftover turkey dinner, with potatoes, dressing, squash, and brussels sprouts. Six fantastic meals for two! Now the turkey carcass will go into the soup pot, and by next week we will enjoy several meals of turkey soup.

Food seems to be what we turn to when the weather says “NO!”, to everything else we might enjoy. Attila loves to cook, I love to bake. We both find food preparation a source of pleasure. And we both love to eat!

This week the final bills from the holiday season arrived in the mail. At first glance I was convinced we would be juggling funds, but we squeaked through, and managed to pay the whole lot. What a relief! Of course, there isn’t anything left in the bank account. But who cares, winter has us cozied up to the roaring fire, so we weren’t going anywhere anyway, there is lots of food, and the company is perfect. “And so say all of us”, says Mist.

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Date: 7:00 PM EST Friday 31 January 2014
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 102.0 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: -8.4°C
Dewpoint: -10.5°C
Humidity: 85%
Wind: calm


“I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.”
Sir Winston Churchill
1874 – 1965
[Who knew!]


  1. Bex

    I’ve always loved the way the Brits have had a love affair going with pigs. I’m not sure I’d relish having one around here though… they get so darn BIG! But they are the cutest little things when they are young…

  2. Bex, pigs grow in hogs, very large hogs. The hogs of my childhood were terrifying and violent beasts, who tried to crush us to death, by trying to pin us against trees, walls, anything, with their great weight. They also eat meat, they are omnivores, which includes humans. So, one might conclude that when we were kids we were hunted by pigs. So, cute as the little ones are, and as friendly as some of them are, I want nothing to do with them. And since they would eat me given the chance, I feel no remorse in eating them given humane conditions.

  3. Tom, Mist is our 18 year old cat, my daily companion. It is snowing heavily as I write this reply, on Saturday afternoon. I think we might break the record for snow this year, we have already surpassed the average total winter snowfall for this area. LOL, those bills, bet you wish it was rain falling instead where you are!

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