I Love Mornings

I love mornings. It is the very best time of day, in my view. The world is quiet, the blank page of waking hours waiting, unfolding slowly. The light is at its best in the early morning, the bird song is more cheerful, the calm before the storm of traffic This morning I wandered out… Continue reading I Love Mornings

First Peas!

Thursday, July 2, 2020 Yesterday Attila picked the first Peas out of the garden. They are one of the three varieties that were planted, and were not edible pod Peas. Oh the flavour of those little round, green peas, sweet, crunchy, just wow. And then I bit into the pod, just to see what an… Continue reading First Peas!

Busy Days

Life has been busy of late. This past week Attila went into overdrive, finished installing the eavestrough along the back of the house, and installed the 1000 liter rain tank. We had a thunderstorm just after he got it all setup, and the tank filled in 10 minutes! The overflow was shocking, it poured onto… Continue reading Busy Days

Rain At Last

The temperature has dropped a bit, an unpleasant blanket of humidity remains. Another indoor day today. This evening it began to rain, thank goodness. This gives the newly installed rain collection system a chance to strut its stuff, and it worked perfectly. We have collected about 200 liters of water in it so far. Ideally,… Continue reading Rain At Last

Settling In

Another week of work begins for Attila. The adjustment to getting back to work is going well. When we ordered the 1000 liter rain tank Attila was home after being laid off work, so he had ample time to work on fixing the fascia on the house, installing rain gutters, and the rain tank. But… Continue reading Settling In