Working it Out

I feel like the battery bunnie, hitting my drum ever more slowly!

Attila and I are very tired. He worked six days this past week, and I worked “every minute” this past week. What I mean by every minute is that even when I was home I was thinking about work; and even when I was sleeping I was dreaming about work.


We did mange to visit with family over the weekend, which was grand. It was wonderful to see my Mom, my sisters and their respective fellows, my niece and her boyfriend and a cousin and her husband and two sons. I did miss seeing my brothers though, hopefully on another visit.

Today Attila and I went to hear live music, and participated in a song circle. Attila sang several songs, and I played my drum and read a few poems. We had a wonderful time! The stage performers were wonderful, singing their own songs to an appreciative audience (that was us and others).

Tonight we decided to watch an episode of Miss Marple, the series starring Joan Hickson. We enjoyed it very much, but had to turn it off, to come back to another time. I could not stay awake, nodding off while I sat in my chair, waking every few minutes.

Now we are doing chores. I’ve done my filing, scheduled my work weeks on the calendar and finished putting away my clean laundry.

And now I am having trouble staying awake at the keyboard!

So, until another day, adieu.

Worldly Distractions




“Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity.”
(This is something I need to remember!)