Way To Go amazon.ca

All of the Christmas gifts we purchased from Amazon.ca, for the Grandbabies, arrived yesterday. The shipping boxes were unpacked, so that we could see the results of our shopping adventure. And we were pleased.

The gifts are low-key, interactive, reasonably priced items, and to our relief, are of reasonable quality. The gifts live up the the promise of the pictures online.

This morning I looked at the pile of shipping materials in the corner, and noticed for the first time that there was something different about it.

No plastic!

The boxes were cardboard, the loose fill was… crumpled brown paper!

The boxes were broken down and stored, for future use, behind the hutch on the north wall of the house, where they will add extra insulation. The paper was folded neatly for future use. The paper can be used for drawing, making notes, future loose fill in packaging, the list goes on. It takes up very little room and can be easily stored under the hutch.

Paper used as a loose fill packing material.
Packaging paper 1
Paper folded, compact, and ready to store away.
Packaging paper 2

Worldly Distractions


Date: 4:42 PM EST Thursday 6 November 2014
Condition: Light Rain
Pressure: 101.0 kPa
Visibility: 4 km
Temperature: 4.8°C
Dewpoint: 4.1°C
Humidity: 95%
Wind: calm


“Any ordinary favor we do for someone or any compassionate reaching out may seem to be going nowhere at first, but may be planting a seed we can’t see right now. Sometimes we need to just do the best we can and then trust in an unfolding we can’t design or ordain.”
Sharon Salzberg

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TopsyTurvy (Teri)

Glad your items were as good or better than depicted. 🙂

I expect my items from Amazon to be arriving tomorrow. We also store and reuse our boxes and packing materials.

Irene Bean

As I scurry around with preparations for Thanksgiving, it’s quite exciting. Because I plan to drive to Northern Virginia for Christmas, there will be faint hints of Christmas when my family is with me later this month.

Regarding Amazon, their boxes and packaging are excellent for recycling!


Glad that the toys measured up. A good feeling. Now to see their little joyful faces upon opening.

I recycle as well. Hubby gets things I can use for packing/shipping from his job. Every little thing helps out. Packing materials are pricey. I like the brown packing paper too.

Recycling had become a duty! The apt. complex we live in does not recycle. In fact you have to be a home owner to get that service in this area. It hurts to think about all the garbage generated and disposed of at a dump when so much of it could be recycled.


Maggie, I hope you get to see the Grandchildren around Christmas. Fingers crossed.

We take our recycling to the recycling center in town. I just noticed they also put things aside for people to look at. I was so tempted to take an old wooden sled today but knew better. It was just that it was wood and I don’t even think they make them from wood anymore. A relic.

I really like the idea of the dump store and the donation to the fire dept. I am a genuine thriftier. I can remember when I was ‘growing up’ in NY there would be special days that one could put out anything they wanted to be picked up. I took full advantage of those days by getting up early and heading out. I used to put everything on the back porch at my parent’s and now and again my father made things ‘disappear’. 🙂 But I loved the collecting. I still will happily take something curbside if we can use it. Our last apt. was furnished almost all curbside. It is surprising what people throw away. I don’t understand why they do not donate it.

We have milk here as well sold in glass bottles that is at a much higher price.