Not Exact

I moved the furniture around in the living room today, so that sitting in my chair I face the living room windows. Today is sunny and mild, a lovely day for November. My view is of blue sky, tree tops, insects and birds. The birds love the trees in our front yard, there are lots… Continue reading Not Exact


These days I find myself checking on Mist with frequency; I watch her and check to see if she is breathing. She is slowing down, and walks stiffly for the first few minutes after rising from her frequent naps. She is happy, when I sit beside her on the sofa she begins to purr. Both… Continue reading Hiatus

Attila & Mist Read The Daily News

An Evening With Attlia and Mist: Reading the News This morning the sun was shining! The snow was melting! By mid-afternoon the sky had clouded over, but the snow was still melting. At last, it seems that spring is actually going to arrive. I am busy in the kitchen today. First thing this morning, after… Continue reading Attila & Mist Read The Daily News