Waiting for Warm Weather

Yesterday we needed to take Tank out for a drive, to keep the battery charged. The battery has been losing power when Tank is left unused for long periods of time. We have been using the car almost exclusively, since it uses far less fuel than Tank. This has worked well for us, because the… Continue reading Waiting for Warm Weather

Musty Cushions

Monday, May 9th, 201§ The weekend passed quietly and pleasantly. Attila and I took a whirlwind overnight trip to visit my Mom, staying with my sister-the-middle-girl and her husband. Mom is doing great, slowly building her strength, recovering very nicely. On Saturday we all went to Niagara Falls, Attila and I, both of my sisters,… Continue reading Musty Cushions

Not Enough On The Inside

Sometimes I find that my spirit is occupied too much on the outside, and not enough on the inside. This is one of those times. It crept up slowly. There are several circumstances in my world that lead my inner being to ponder the greater world around me. One is very close to my heart,… Continue reading Not Enough On The Inside