The trip took almost five hours, was totally uneventful and successful. I arrived at the little house in the city in time for lunch. I even arrived in time to get the blue box material out to the curb before the truck came by, first time. I am using Terra’s internet account to write this… Continue reading Arrival

Double Entry

We headed for our little house in the city on Friday night. There is no Internet connection there, no television and only a cell phone for communication. I wrote an entry on my laptop, but couldn’t post it with no access to the Internet. So here it is below, making this a double entry. We… Continue reading Double Entry

Happy Day

A sunny morning. It is beautiful outside my windows, the morning sun is warm and nourishing. I received news today that my relocation at work has been processed. This will be my last week working in the office with the negative coworker. I may accept an occasional work day at this office, but I won’t… Continue reading Happy Day

Robin Song

Another day crossed off the calendar! Five more days and I’ll not be crossing them out! It is lunch time. Attila just arrived home for lunch, and headed out to the bush for firewood. I can hear the chain saw out there. Soon the wood he is cutting will be burning bright in the fireplace… Continue reading Robin Song

Microscopic Scale

Just what are The Fates up to these days? I’m not talking world economic crisis, political unrest, environmental disaster or atmospheric anomaly. If I can’t figure things out at my microscopic scale, there is little hope I’ll be able to resolve anything at a larger scale. I’m beginning at the beginning, which is me, in… Continue reading Microscopic Scale