The trip took almost five hours, was totally uneventful and successful. I arrived at the little house in the city in time for lunch. I even arrived in time to get the blue box material out to the curb before the truck came by, first time.

I am using Terra’s internet account to write this entry. After unpacking the car and doing a bit of this and a bit of that around the house, I headed out on foot to meet Terra as she walked to our house after her shift at work. On the way I stopped to talk with a few of our neighbours, Cathy and Hilda and respective canine pals. Terra joined us and we had a nice chat, standing in the sunshine, enjoying a warm breeze.

Then we were off to Terra’s so that I could visit the nearby bank, and use the Internet connection. I’ll head out from here to the grocery store and then head home again. I’ll putter around a bit, sit on the back porch for a bit, do a bit of transcription and read a little bit too. Oh yes, somewhere in there I’ll prepare a meal. Before turning in I’ll talk a little with Attila.