Spring, the Official Version

They held on valiantly over the last week, being slowly released from their frozen state by the sun, to float away on the spring breezes.

And so my vigil, watching the last small patches of snow melt, is over for 2021.

Today is the first official day of spring! And just in time the cold snap has ended, the sun has come out from behind the clouds, and the temperature is climbing.

A recent project was to tackle the bathroom shower curtain. The bottom hem of the plastic curtain had become slimy and discoloured. This is a recent development with the shower curtain, it has been in use for years. My idea to address the issue was to fill a 5 gallon bucket with water, add about 1/4 cup of bleach, plop it into the tub, then immerse the bottom of the shower curtain in the bucket of water. This was accomplished and left to sit from morning till night. It worked! The shower curtain has returned to its original condition. I like the shower curtain a lot, did not want to replace it, and now it does not need replacing.

There are many repetitive tasks that take up most of my day. Ongoing tasks include: refilling the Berkey water filter; milling flour; baking bread; baking muffins and other lunch items; cooking everything from scratch; washing and storing empty canning jars as we eat our home canned food; sweeping and dusting, a constant with forced air heating; watering plants; filing; bill paying and budget gymnastics; sanitizing all items that come onto the property; laundry; and a lot of other things so routine that they don’t come to mind.

The new tiered hydro billing is wonderful. Daily tasks have taken on a comfortable flow, projects are done when they need doing. Food is prepared when hunger suggests it. It is amazing how a small adjustment, in how something is billed, can have such an incredible impact on the quality of life.

Attila’s attention is beginning to shift from painting the basement ceiling, which is almost done, to the yard. It will soon be time to setup the evestrough downspouts, the rain barrel and rain tank. Last spring the rain tank arrived after the spring rains had ended, so that it was slow to fill. This spring it will be setup to catch the April showers.

Asian Beetles continue to invade the house in small numbers, as well as the odd fly and the odd large Western Conifer Seed Bug. There is even a small spider that traverses the ceiling. The spider takes care of small insects that come into the house, so it is welcome here. There are three or more wasps crawling around on the inside of the front screen door, at some point I will need to open the front door and unlock the screen door, so that they can be removed from the outside of the house. It is only a matter of time before they burrow their way into the house though, this occurs every spring and autumn.

Wasp between the front door and the screen door. Spring has arrived!

Pandemic Related

What a week, or two or three, I’ve had! I think it has been the lowest I’ve felt since the Pandemic began. I am vigilant in monitoring the availability of vaccines here in Ontario, Canada. The “news” must be perused several times a day to keep abreast of the situation, which is fluid and changes, sometimes several times a day. The “news” wears me out, it is so ultra-sensational, so sparse in actual useful information, which is usually buried in reams of dramatic and superfluous text, and is rank with ill formed interpretations. Regardless of how disorienting the “news” can be, it does point the direction to how the pandemic is being handled. This week has been particularly difficult as the Variants of Concern are beginning to take root in the population, cases are rising again, levels of restriction are increasing, and the rate of vaccinating is oh so slow.



Updated on Sat, Mar 20, 11:05 AM
8 °C
Wind 19 W km/h
Humidity 35 %
Visibility 29 km
Sunrise 7:11 AM
Wind gust 28 km/h
Pressure 103.2 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 7:19 PM


“Cats regard people as warmblooded furniture.”
Jacquelyn Mitchard

Thinking of Mist the Kitty, may she RIP.

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Hi Maggie. Thank goodness Spring is here. We won’t relax in the Midwest until the end of April though. Historically we’ve had some major snowstorms in April. I’m going to try your shower curtain solution! I have one in a condition similar to your shower curtain. As far as Covid, we’re still not getting a consistent flow of vaccines to my suburban area. So I’ll have to wait until later in the Spring. I did get a number for a hot line that supposedly helps people get an appointment for a shot. I’ll try that next week. I’m very worried about the Brazilian variant. I think I may keep a mask on forever!! (((Hugs)))

Joan Lansberry

I hope you can soon get your shots, Maggie. They opened up Yuma to 55+ and I got my first one, Moderna brand. Painless shot. Shoulder hurts a bit after wards, to let me know they really gave me a shot.

We have a fabric shower curtain. When it got nasty and ‘rusty’ looking, I was able to wash it in the washing machine.

Good luck with all the beetles and bugs. We’re seeing more gnats.


Good evening Maggie and all: I feel as if I have crossed over a rather frightening time…with all of my health crap…I didn’t get into any of my flower beds at all last year. Jeremy had sent a couple of his crewmen over once last late spring….they didn’t want to mess with the yard, and they really did nothing well. SO, yesterday and today, I managed to begin the clean up of the front garden nearest the porch. I have Iron plants scattered throughout the gardens….some that were at least 4 foot high, and 5 feet in diameter. These plants started from a small shipment from a dear friend in Pawley Island, SC….she sent me this plant when she lived on Jekyll Island…probably 15 years ago. Botanical name of ASPIDISTRA, they grow and grow and easily are a great pass along plant. Well, the freeze we had a few weeks ago really did a number on the huge leaves, so I had to get it snipped back. I was so thankful that I see many new baby plants not bothered by the freeze. However, they are going to be sparse compared to what they were. I use them to fill in between Crepe Myrtles, other shrubs, and perennials, and anything else I get planted. Well, I ran the race….I did zero gardening last year. I am going to call my yard guy, and get him setup for probably 3 Saturday’s. (My early birthday gift from Mikey). I like to do at least one area so he will know what I want done. I lasted nearly 2 hours each morning…..this is huge considering how I am as weak as a dish rag, and have zero stamina. I have already filled up 5 huge plastic bags, and I have about 2/3 of the plant cleaned up.
I counted, and I have 7 more huge plants to clean up. But hopefully Juan can come and help, and I will continue my efforts. I think my muscles in each arm are slightly stronger, and the muscle spasms in my back were gone after a couple of hours of alternating ice and heat. 4 years ago, my front and back were recognized as YARD OF THE MONTH…that made me proud. So, if I can get beds cleaned out, mulched….and then my pots planted on the deck, I will be ready to relax again. Before my health blew up in 10/15, I could work in my yard from 7am until dark every Saturday. Heck, I could also play 36 holes of golf in Texas 100 degree heat! Growing old, and having back issues, and now the AFIB and hypertension, I am thankful that I still have the desire to do things. When I am busy, I don’t think about my problems…I marvel the way plants grow. So Maggie, your passion for your holistic food prep keeps you busy…I can’t imagine how you get everything done that you do. I am so glad that our Spring is here, and we have only ever had freezing weather in April 2-3 times in over 100 years here. Mike and I have both had the 2 vaccines…but, I am concerned that we do have a stronger hold on the virus. Take care everyone…I will smell Spring Time for us all! xxoo margarett