Snow Squalls and a Power Outage

As expected, a heavy snow was falling when we got up this morning. It continued throughout the morning. At 11 a.m. the power went out. I have an old telephone that actually works during power outages, so I plugged it in and reported the problem. Apparently over 10,000 people in the area had lost their hydro. Estimated time for restoration of service was 3 p.m. in the afternoon. However, after just an hour and half everything lit up and started up again. And then again this evening, while I was standing at the sink washing the dishes, everything went black. When the lights go out here we are left with an impenetrable blackness. Luckily I keep flashlights all over the house, so I easily found one in the dark. Five minutes later the lights came on again.

I really need to work on a list of projects that can be tackled without the use of electricity. It is a challenge, all food preparation involves electricity in some capacity, even if it is just opening the refrigerator door to take out some eggs. Also, our water is pumped from the well by an electric pump. No electricity means no water. I sat at the kitchen table and started a list of things I could do around the house without electricity. What a sad little list it was: read a book, make the bed, sweep the floor. How dependent we are on electricity!

I could have added shovel snow, but there is getting to be just too much of it for me to handle!

We have had winter with an edge since the beginning of December, with almost three months yet till signs of spring emerge from the white. So I was not at all happy this afternoon when I had to kill a mosquito! It must have been hibernating on the firewood, and awakened in the warmth of the house. It exists no more.

It snowed all day long, it is snowing still, and there is quite an accumulation. Tonight Attila will be out there with the snow blower! He will be clearing the deck of snow tomorrow night, it is already two feet deep. There is going to be a terrific whallop when all this snow comes off the roof!

When I look out the window all I can see is snow. Snow falling from the sky, snow covering every bit of the earth, and now snow covering most of the tree branches and even some of the tree trunks. It is small wonder I write of little else!
Snow in trees DSCF4641

Worldly Distractions


Current Conditions Light Snow
Date: 7:00 PM EST Wednesday 8 January 2014
Condition: Light Snow
Pressure: 102.8 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: -12.5°C
Dewpoint: -14.5°C
Humidity: 85%
Wind: SSW 15 km/h
Wind Chill: -20


“Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough.”
Earl Wilson

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Snow harm in it.
Snow body’s bizness if I do.
To snow her is to love her.
Snow good trying to talk your way out of this one.

(Snow more lines left in me.)


Touche! Ha ha ha!


Weather is the universal language. Because everyone has it in their lives, one way or t’other. I can really complain about ours because even though we’ve had several snowfalls, it seems to melt down each time after a while. This last bunch hasn’t all melted but a lot has so I’m grateful for that. The what I’m MOST grateful for is that we haven’t lost power. And what you say here is so important… what can we do anymore without electric power? I think that is our most vulnerable area as a society… what the loss of power would do on a long-term basis. Our worlds would cease if we lost it indefinitely. Reading a book and shoveling snow can only be fun for so long…. we are prisoners to electric power!


TYPO: S/B “I can’t really complain…” sorry!