All you can do is your best.

All you can do is your best. I attended the interview today and did just that, my best. I wasn’t happy with a few of the things I said; answers could have been better said, better examples might have been provided. It was a pleasant experience. I am pretty sure I did not procure the position. There was one question that seemed pivotal, it was yes or no answer and lies would have been transparent… my answer was no and it was probably the wrong answer. The real indicator was, they did not request references. Kudos to them though, they treated me with respect and dignity throughout. So, that out of the way, on with the rest of my life. The weather is much warmer, but the weather people say there is to be another night of -21C, Friday night. Sheesh. I am exhausted. Interview preparations and the experience itself have left me yawning and nodding off at the keyboard this afternoon. And wouldn’t you know it, after sitting down in my easy chair for a short winter’s nap, the cell phone rang. Wrong number of course, we don’t use our cell phone except for emergency calls. That was that … Continue reading

Just Keeps Going

The house is now feeling a bit cool, but that is not surprising since the temperature has been dipping below -20C every night since Saturday. Now, the weather people say, the temperature will begin to rise. I hope it just keeps going! The mess on the desk is finally dwindling, as a result of concentrated effort. It seems time is leading the way to clutter; I’m fighting the good fight. One of the things I love about visiting the little house in the city is that there are few belongings there; life is simple there. All the complicated issues are saved for our day-to-day life in the country house. A notice came in the mail yesterday; time of use metering will begin here in a few weeks. This complicates life even further and as far as electric heat is concerned, the time of use electricity prices just terminated any hope of using the electric heaters. Heating exclusively with wood has been a cost-cutting, environmental choice until now; heating with wood has become a necessity. Luna got in touch yesterday to say that they are moving again, soon. Janus has been offered a transfer and a promotion. Their destination is a … Continue reading


Another beautiful sunny day today. The wind last Friday brought down quite a few branches, some of them of considerable size. There was no damage as a result and Attila used his chain saw to cut them to size, so that we burned them in the masonry heater for firewood last night. That worked out rather well. On our journey to the little house last Saturday, I began to take pictures of the passing landscape from my seat in the car. The weather had already improved tremendously when I began to shoot the pictures. I aimed the camera out the side window, paying no attention to what I was capturing, or even if I was capturing any images. While we were at the little house in the city we did a bit of window shopping. At least that is the way it started out. I don’t remember if I have mentioned in this journal that my winter coat is 17, almost 18 years old. I have worn this coat exclusively for the last 17 years, and still wear it with enthusiasm. However, it is a bit shabby, which isn’t a problem until I have a job interview and then it … Continue reading

21 Balloon Salute

Home again, home again… The journey home was beautiful, bright sunshine, light traffic, dry roads, perfect! Attila and I had a lovely visit to our little house in the city. It has been two months since the last visit, and it was a relief to see that all was well. No mice, frozen pipes or any kind of damage to the property. There was a bit of ice on the front landing, but that was the only thing we had to address. As we arrived at the little house after our long journey there, I thought I saw someone on the front porch. It was a helium balloon bouncing around in the wind, tied to the railing. Puzzled, I heard Attila say, “look at the window”. There was Terra, smiling and waving from the front window. Entering the front door we were greeted by a 21 balloon salute, 21 helium filled balloons with long ribbon streamers bobbed on the living room ceiling, streamers hung from the living room ceiling, a banner was strung across one wall, declaring Happy Birthday, a helium balloon with my age written on it was bobbing at the back of my easy chair and on my … Continue reading

A Wing and A Prayer

Well, here it is, our big two day weekend! Last night the winds were outrageous, gusting to 80 km/h. The wind roared as loud as Niagara Falls all night, and is roaring still this morning. We are going to visit the little house, now or if not we will have to wait till the weather improves for an overnight visit. I am not impressed. We haven’t been able to get there for a visit, due to the weather, since Christmas. All the roads but one, to our destination, closed this morning at 6:30 a.m. due to “unplanned road conditions”. We might have made it last night before things got this bad, but Attila does not like to drive that far in the dark, so we waited till this morning. We are going to try to get through on the one road left open. The road report says that visibility is poor, but it is our only option if we want to spend our rare two day weekend at the little house. We are going to take our chances. There are times when I absolutely hate where we live, this is one of them. Well let me add something to that, … Continue reading