Just a Pinch

Here is a first. I was sitting here at the table working on a project, when something bit me in neck, just under my chin. Yikes! I grabbed whatever it was, and crushed it. It was an Asian Beetle. They are everywhere here, inside and out, every year, and I’ve not been bitten before. Well, now I have. The bite was like a sharp pinch, but not as intense as a mosquito, deer fly, or horse fly bite.

All morning the rain has been pelting against windows, hammering on the garage metal roof, running down the side of the house in streams. The wind is aggressive, blustering. I’ve enjoyed every minute of all this animation. Today the house seems cozy, it is so good to be out of this weather! And thinking back to Attila’s years as a farmer, I am very glad not to be thinking of him out in weather like this!

We usually do not purchase anything on Black Friday and Ciber Monday, they seldom, well not at all so far, sell anything we need during those sales. However, this year Prime video offered two month specials on their extra channels. We decided to try a few of them out as a Christmas gift to ourselves, which will cost us a total of $16. This is the fun stuff!

I am planning a sewing project, a new apron. My present apron, sewn in 2014, has been wonderful. However, daily use has revealed some design flaws, all based on personal taste of course. Getting it on and off has been a bit of a hassle, improvement needed there. The pockets are overkill, I don’t need pockets that big, they fill up with debris. The back length displeases me, creasing badly from sitting. It is time to plan and sew a new apron for myself.

I chose a crisscross apron, a pattern by Mary Mulari Designs. It seems to tick all the boxes. The proof will be in the pudding as they say, a few months of daily use and I’ll know how I like it.

The apron will be made with recycled material. I save fabrics, always have, so there are a few old sheets with good sections I could use, and some old tableclothes as well. It will be fun rummaging through all the fabrics in the bins, looking for pieces big enough, and suitable for the apron.



Updated on Wed, Nov 30, 12:25 PM
7 °C
Heavy rain
Wind 32 S km/h
Humidity 95 %
Visibility 6 km
Sunrise 7:21 AM
Wind gust 48 km/h
Pressure 99.6 kPa
Ceiling 400 m
Sunset 4:30 PM


“There is nothing in which the birds differ more from man than the way in which they can build and yet leave a landscape as it was before.”
Robert Lynd
1879 – 1949

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Joan Lansberry

I look forward to seeing photos of the new apron. (Old sheets, that could work. Before we got a bath mat to put where Julia’s rough feet go, her feet would eat holes in the sheets.)


I really like the criss-cross design of the apron.How clever! I hope your bug bite heals quickly.


Asian beetles, are those the ones that look something like ladybugs but have different spots or a different color? I got bit by one of those several years ago. The bites do catch yourvattention when they happen.

I kept my grandmother’s apron on display on a pie shelf for many years. I can still picture her wearing it, all tied in with many good feelings from watching her cook and bake. The apron is now gone but the good feelings remain.

We seem to be having quite the round of blustery weather in the last month or so. About once a week a storm will come in with very strong winds, with or without rain.