Mostly, I just feel sad when I encounter people who think simplistically about complex situations, and are unaware of it. I feel disgust for people who slyly promote simplistic thinking about complex situations, and I regard that promotion as a form of betrayal of innocence, a form of violence. In general people do not want to explore ideas that are not in line with their world view. So, rarely do I respond in disagreement to simplistic thinking about complex situations, and if I do respond it is a sign of respect and hope, an investment of sorts. It is not usually interpreted in that way, confusion, defensive attacks, and sometimes hatred on their part, can ensue, some even become abusive. It can also offer a red flag to those who slyly promote simplistic thinking about complex situations, and to narcissists. BUT, occasionally, just occasionally, an epiphany lights up the universe, theirs and mine. Thoughtful exchanges ensue, new ideas result from the conversation, which makes all the negativity encountered to find that one bright spark worth the effort. There are few individuals with minds open enough, to make the effort and risk of exploration worthwhile. Those individuals are oh so precious, starlight. You just never know when you are going to meet a star.

I am having that kind of a morning this morning.

Last night I slept deeply and soundly. What a treasure sleep can be.

Although there are still vegetables to come from the garden, Swiss chard, cabbage, and kale, these items will be consumed when harvested rather than preserved. The last preservation project is still pending, canning the frozen tomatoes and making tomato powder, but that can wait for weeks or months. I am settling into my winter routines now.

Today I am baking bread in the bread machine. A previously pressure canned jar of filling for Chicken Pot Pie will be baked up for dinner tonight, and while the oven is on another batch of muffins will be baked.

I continue to file. I think I am done and then the mail arrives, or a book is moved and papers are found underneath. Things that need filing just keep popping up!

Tomorrow I must mill flour, the flour jars are completely empty.

On the weekend Attila put up our artificial Christmas tree. I have to say, for a low end tree, this one is lovely. We both like it. It takes up about 20% of the available floor space in the living room, a large presence. At first Ginger was very offended by it. He hid in his Ginger Box for a few hours, coming out at last to investigate it. It seems he has grudgingly accepted its place in the scheme of things, by completely ignoring it. There is no tinsel this year, we don’t want him chewing on it! We were going to wait until the contractors for the electrical panel and furnace install had come and gone to put up our tree, but decided that since the date is unpredictable, we should proceed with our merry making immediately. I love the Christmas tree, it brings light, memories, and hope right into the living room.

As I sit writing this entry, I am snacking on a plastic clam shell package of fresh blueberries. They are imported from Peru, and even though on sale, were quite expensive. They are not as sweet as the wild blueberries I picked as a child, and when my daughter’s were small, but they do taste like blueberries. Compared to my first desire, denied, a chocolate bar, they are healthy. We regard fresh fruit from other countries as a luxury item, or treat.

The house is quiet today. The ticking of the clock sounds friendly. The grey sky blankets rather than oppresses. The cat lies sleeping on the footstool. I gaze at this small, cluttered, hodge-podge space I call home, and I am grateful.



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“Listening is a magnetic and strange thing, a creative force. When we really listen to people there is an alternating current, and this recharges us so that we never get tired of each other. We are constantly being re-created.”
Brenda Ueland
1891 – 1985

There is nothing quite so satisfying as an open minded conversation!

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Ginger is a good kitty, even if he is somewhat opinionated. Ignore the tree is so very much better than climb the tree.

Eileen Barton

I was wondering if once Ginger is around the tree for awhile if he would decide to try climbing it. I had one cat who would quietly remove ornaments from the tree and hide them under the couch. Most of my cats and my dog loved to sleep under the tree.

Joan Lansberry

I’m glad you had a good conversation! (I like the quote!)


Thank you so much for your commentary on discussing complex situations. I truly wish I could just feel sad when discussing such things when I talk to people over on the msn commentary boards but I find I’m most likely to feel anger for their attempts to ignore or muddle complex situations, or even distract by attacking something else. I try to talk about things straight-forwardly and offer additional information or more indepth thought to spur people to think more about a situation, but I’m next to never rewarded with a real discussion. I think maybe msn has more bots and trolls posting there than honest people seeking out information.

Our house is now basically decorated for Christmas. I’ve been taking pleasure in finding places for various treasured items. When these are taken down I hope to dig out additional items that haven’t been put in their places yet, but I have a feeling there aren’t too many non-Christmas decorations left and it could be the room will feel quite empty when everything comes down.