The last few days have been very windy, and today the wind is roaring, gusting to 80 km/h. Sometimes the sky sends a pounding rain, loud against the windows. Sometimes the sky is blue and sunny. The temperature is beginning to drop.

Sewing projects are long affairs, and so complicated in a small space that serves so many other functions at the same time. The first step was finding a pattern, which arrived in the mail two weeks ago. The second step is finding the fabric. Since I’ve no intention of spending money on this new apron, other thant the pattern, I needed to sort through all my fabrics to find pieces that were large enough, and that would make a pleasing apron. This involved unstacking a floor to ceiling stack of totes, to rummage through them and see what I had on hand. This is a job that I need Attila for now, no lifting for me. Today seemed like a good day to enlist his assistance. After a few hours I finally decided on two fabrics, the apron is reversible. And, well, that is enough of the project for today! At least the second step has been accomplished.

The next step will be laying out the fabric and pattern, and cutting everything out. That will be another whole day, because I’ll have to move a lot of stuff in the living area, to expand the table, to spread out the fabric. At the end of that step I’ll have to move everything in the living room back to where it was. I think I’ll try to do all that on a day when Attila is not here, since there is nothing heavy that needs moving around.

Attila and I spent our morning in the kitchen making soup. We each worked on our own batch of soup. Attila made clam chowder, without the clams, because we discovered we didn’t have any in the pantry. I made Potato Corn Chowder, which I love. The soups made an excellent lunch today, and will for the next week.

This year I decided to make a Christmas Cake. It has been in the refrigerator, and since it is December, we have begun to nibble on it. Nibble may be an understatement. The recipe made two smallish cakes, one of which is still wrapped in parchment paper and foil in the refrigerator. The other has magically disappeared but for one sliver. We love Christmas cake!

For the last week or so I’ve had a salty taste in my mouth, which is very unusual. It isn’t going away. I think it is probably yet another Covid symptom popping up, but the Nurse Practitioner wants to explore it a bit further. Since I’ve been on a very low-sodium diet, this salty taste is not altogether unwelcome. All of my food, including my morning oatmeal, tastes slightly salty. I will enjoy the upside of this, and hope that there is no downside!



Updated on Sat, Dec 3, 2:45 PM
6 °C
Mostly cloudy
Wind 35 W km/h
Humidity 75 %
Visibility 22km
Sunrise 7:25 AM
Wind gust 52 km/h
Pressure 100.7 kPa
Ceiling 600 m
Sunset 4:29 PM


“I don’t care about someone being intelligent; any situation between people, when they are really human with each other, produces ‘intelligence.”
Susan Sontag
1933 – 2004

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We also had the wind. It can be unsettling at times, flinging itself against the house in loud bursts. I was glad when it finally diminished. Environment Canada is forecasting that the temps are going to fall again but I see the US NOAA disagrees. Honestly, I’m glad. While I’m fine with normal winter temperatures, I’m not a fan of the deep cold brought by polar vortices.

The salty taste is an interesting mystery. I hope they figure out what’s causing it.