Forked Tongues

Forked Tongues

We watched an episode of Better Off Ted, where a international corporate employee stole all the creamers daily as an act of individuality.

Me, I am stealing my legislated break time, 15 minutes, what a heist!! I am told I can take my two fifteen minute breaks, but there are consequences, social consequences, if such a break is actually taken. It is easier on me and more pleasant to simply work non-stop for eight and half hours.

Better Off Ted is a comedy, I think it is funny because it is parodies the truth about competition and corporate oligarchy. The only thing the series omits is the rage and alienation that employees experience, the anger is palpable in these work environments if one is even mildly sensitive to human behaviour.

My absolute favourite bit about the Veridian corporate work environment is the commentary on the daycare provided by the company for workers who are not management stream. This is actually very black humour.

Quote found on the internet:

“[daycare worker to child]
Then you are a lucky girl. Because this morning…
we’re going to be painting white lines in the parking structure.

[parent Ted]
Uh, the kids paint the parking lot?

[daycare worker to parent Ted]
Not the whole parking lot. Just the lines.

[parent Ted]
– But still, that seems a little- – Innovative?

[Ted’s boss Veronica]
It is.
At Veridian Dynamics, we’re molding the children of today…
into the workers of tomorrow.”

Better off Ted

This is my second post today, unusual; but it feels good to be writing.


  1. crochetlady

    Not to take mandated breaks and lunches is federal crime in US. Isn’t it the same in Canada? Companies here can get fined big time, not to mention jail time for owners/officers, social repercussions or not, no wonder your co-workers are snakes! That kind of work environment went out in the 40’s!

  2. So, today I am taking a break and insisting on my time. LOL the phone rang three times while I was on break, so have to catch up when I get back, not very relaxing. I am going take my lunch break, and will try sitting in my car to eat lunch so I do not have to hear the phone ringing and do counter service while I eat. I will pretend I am a customer parked in front of the building.

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