Eating our vegetables…

Thursday… then comes Friday!

Slowly this winter is passing. Not as slowly as other winter’s have passed though. Cabin Fever hasn’t made the rounds at our house this year; not missing it!

I am not working on Saturday, so I have another two day weekend, and I am looking forward to it.

The weather has remained mild for the most part. A few mornings and evenings the drive to and from work was tricky, snow, ice, poor visibility. I will be glad when the roads are reliably clear of ice and snow.

A near miss this week. A young snowmobiler zipped across the road right in front of me. I managed to slam on the breaks and avoided hitting him/her, but it was very close, very close. The kid never even looked to see if there were cars on the highway and didn’t acknowledge in any way that he/she had almost had an accident. This is an 80 km an hour highway he/she decided to cross without looking, zipping out from behind a rock cut. There have been a few recent deaths up here due to snowmobile accidents, almost all young males who thought they had things under control.

So I am feeling rather lucky.

Attila and I attended an open stage event last weekend, we had a great time, the performers were amazing. It is a big undertaking, involving hours of highway travel and the expense that goes with distance entertainment. But it was worth it all, a real social tonic. The atmosphere was friendly and not at all “clubby”, in spite of the fact that most others who attended knew each other well. I actually connected with a fellow who knows some of my friends, which was fun.

After being with healthy people for a few hours, it was very hard to go back to the unhealthy work environment. I did it though, getting through the week just fine.

Attila and I are beginning to make plans for the little house in the city again. After all, spring weather is only five weeks away! The next project involves hooking up the cold water supply to the kitchen. Right now the kitchen tap only provides water from the hot water heater, not the best for cooking or drinking.

My supply of reading material is getting rather thin, so a trip to the virtual library is in order. It is good to have a few books handy for reading while waiting, which is something the modern consumer does a lot of.

I’ve even managed to find a few birth records to add material to my genealogy project. And I’ve added a few pages to each of my two web site projects. It isn’t much, but any time spend doing the things I love feels wonderful.

I really miss having free time. For years there was wayyyyy toooo much free time, resulting in cabin fever and other unhealthy side effects. Now there is wayyyyy toooo little free time. Balance, that is what I’d like, balance. Something to aim for; I can see it up ahead in my mind’s eye. Visualizing, visualizing…

I viewed a wonderful video about eating well, so I’ll post it here for posterity, so I can find the information again when I want to refer to it. It is a TED talk featuring William Li, I couldn’t get it to embed here, but here is the link to William Li’s talk, called Can we eat to starve cancer?

I really like the idea of eating locally grown, healthy food. The infrastructure to accommodate healthy life choices is not a strong one, with large corporations owning and controlling the lion’s share of food production, preparation and distribution. Take a look in the local grocery store and go down one isle counting how many raw ingredients you can find, nothing added, no sugar, salt, fat etc. There isn’t much there, not much at all. But there is enough! Amazing what you can do with a few raw ingredients.

Attila and I just sang Happy Birthday to someone and they informed me that I sing “flat”. What is he thinking! Not exactly a kindness returned. I’ve been singing a “flat” happy birthday all my life, not going to stop now. Hey, it is a short song, live with it!

Worldly Distractions


0 °C
Condition: Cloudy
Pressure: 100.6 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: 0.2°C
Dewpoint: -3.0°C
Humidity: 79 %
Wind: WSW 4 km/h


“The first gatherings of the garden in May of salads, radishes and herbs made me feel like a mother about her baby – how could anything so beautiful be mine. And this emotion of wonder filled me for each vegetable as it was gathered every year. There is nothing that is comparable to it, as satisfactory or as thrilling, as gathering the vegetables one has grown.”
Alice B. Toklas”

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Stubblejumpin Gal (Kate)

Darn, I’ll have to come back to follow that link … it is bedtime for Bonzo! Four hours in town this afternoon put a dint in my day, which means I just finished my work. And now, to put the folded laundry away first and then hit the hay. Glad to see you’re having a nice week but I know how you feel about the lack of balance … I’m bumping my hours up to 5 or 6 a day instead of 4, and it’s not easy! Even working only 4 there weren’t enough hours in a day! I don’t know how I’ll manage come spring, when I want to spend more time outside.