Decorative Totem

Next week I am scheduled to work with the “negative coworker”, every morning for five days running.  I thought I was doing very well, putting all thoughts of the impending experience aside.  However, my body has quietly and firmly informed me that this is a foolish and ineffective tactic.  My stomach pain has been building… Continue reading Decorative Totem


Black and white and grey out there this morning, with intermittent heavy snowfall. A list of what is bright and shiny around here: success in downloading library books to the Kobo! success in gaining access to a respectable reference library via the Internet while reading my Kobo I can pace the house, much needed exercise… Continue reading Uncluttered


Memory, a tricky subject. Science and medicine know some things about human brains. After reading a half dozen scientific papers about memory, I’m not convinced that, through the parameters of science, we know all that much. Memory has always been a source of fascination. I am a very lucky woman, I have and still do… Continue reading Memory

Preaching to the Converted

I’ve been writing in this journal for over a decade now. I’ve presented myself honestly; although not entirely, given the broad nature of the media. I’ve always felt stranded on a small psychic island, with a few special people, in a sea of mediocrity and denial. My recurring childhood nightmare was one where particular familiar… Continue reading Preaching to the Converted

Clutter Queens

Attila and I discussed a trip to the village this morning, a trip I would take.  It snowed all night and it is still snowing.  I can hear snow blowers in the distance, as people clear their drives.  Soon the plows will be clearing the roads.  Perhaps tomorrow would be a better day for a… Continue reading Clutter Queens