A Winter Day


Another day dawns.  It is very cold at night.  Attila’s efforts last night with the fire downstairs warmed the second floor to a comfortable temperature.  Downstairs it has cooled down again, but remains above freezing.

This morning Attila forgot to open the damper on the masonry fireplace, during the morning firing.  It did not become apparent until the smell came to my attention.  I think it was the lower chimney pipe super heating, probably the painted finish off-gassing.  The problem was remedied immediately when Attila opened the damper.  Luckily we opted for a partial damper, which allows some heat and gas to escape even when the damper is closed.  We have been running the air cleaners this morning.  Small things can escalate, one must be diligent.  We have been heating with this masonry heater for about six years now, in northern Ontario where it is can get very cold in the winter.

Healthy Houseplant in the North West Window
Healthy Houseplant in the North West Window

It is beautifully cold.  When it is this cold, the snow glitters in the headlights, as Attila leaves for work, predawn.

That’s it for the morning, off to work!

P. M.

For some reason I had a craving for eggs at lunch time.  So, lunch consisted of two eggs fried in olive oil, served on a piece of toasted whole wheat bread, spread with dressing and a slice of fat free cheese.  Why the craving for eggs?  No idea, but I felt much better for having eaten eggs for lunch.

Mist and I spent a quiet afternoon curled up, me on the easy chair with my Kobo and Mist in her wicker basket in front of the fireplace.  She slept soundly, I nodded off from time to time.

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Sounds like a lovely day, to me.