Last night, I received a missive that put my own small troubles into perspective.  A friend wrote that her husband, also a friend, has entered palliative care.  He has been battling cancer since the summer months.  Attila and I are thinking of them both.

Attila and I are getting ready for work.  We have had our coffee and cuddle with Mist in front of the morning’s fire.  Time to get down to the business of breakfast, shower, making lunch, getting dressed and gathering all the paraphernalia needed for a day away from home.  Attila has cleared the snow from my car, and warmed it up for me; such a nice perk in the morning!

In theory I’ll be home to watch a midday firing of the masonry heater.  This is needed as the temperature is now dipping below -15C at night on a regular basis.  Mist will be waiting for me, I know, sitting strategically in front of the fireplace with a enquiring look on her face.

Morning Inspiration


Cold!  The house is getting chilly.  Attila is out chopping wood to build a fire in the little wood stove downstairs, and for the third firing of the masonry fireplace upstairs.  When I came home at lunch time Mist came and sat down beside and yelled her concerns.  Mist is deaf you see, she yells as loud as she can and apart from the vibration of her own voice, I don’t think she can fathom the decibels.

This afternoon I received a call in regards to one of the resumes I sent out last week.  The call came as a shock, I can tell you.  At first I was pleasant, polite and very confused.  Recovering quickly I responded to questions and arranged to write a test and attend an interview later this week.  This is temporary employment, evenings and weekends, not ideal, but it might work out.  In reality anything that pays the bills might be considered as “working out”.

All in all, a very good day at our house.