Writing myself to sleep!

Here I am, sitting awake, exhausted and it is hours past the time I would normally fall asleep.

I am wound up too tight to relax; I’v had a bad week at work.

I’ve been working from eight in the morning until seven at night for the last week. I was asked to do this by head office, to catch up from the disaster caused by a dead hard drive and Internet service failure… and while I was working all hours putting things right, our manager spent his time destroying the filing system and shredding crucial documents. Why! I think he is suffering from small dog syndrome.

Our Garden Zucchini August 2011

Last Saturday Attila and I visited our little house in the city. The drive was lovely, the evening light tinted the landscape golden as we made our way down the back roads. We were excited to see how our garden was doing, so as soon as we arrived we left our baggage in the car and headed for the back yard. There were red tomatoes! There were huge zucchini! I love garden tomatoes, they are a completely different food than the ones you buy in the grocery store. We puttered in the garden for wee bit, picked some tomatoes and then headed back to the car to unload and unpack our gear. My bedtime snack was a toasted tomato sandwich, such a treat with sweet, juicy, sun ripened tomatoes… and my Sunday breakfast, and my Sunday lunch, and my Monday breakfast.

Large zucchini lend themselves well to my Zesty Zucchini recipe, which was made even more special using our garden tomatoes.

When Terra and Lares visited us a few weeks ago at our country house, I talked about finding another bunk bed to put in the little house in city. They found one for us on kijiji for $75. Lares picked it up and delivered it to our house last week. Attila wanted to paint the front bedroom walls and ceiling before we put any more furniture in the room, so that is what he did on Sunday. While Attila painted I washed the bunk bed frame. When the painted walls and ceiling dried Attila and I worked together to assemble the bunk frame, it wasn’t easy. Finally though, we got it put together and in place. So now we have a ten by ten foot bedroom that sleeps five. Enough room for Luna and Janus and Imp and Elf and Tink and Benny and Bim, although Benny and Bim will have to sleep on the floor.

The spare room now sleeps five!
The spare room now sleeps five!

The weather was very hot during our visit. I have discovered the benefits of ceiling fans, because every room except the living room has a ceiling fan. The moving air may not be cooler, but moving air will produce a cooling effect on slightly moist skin, very comfortable.

We didn’t get to see Terra or Lares, they were away for the weekend at Lares mother’s fiftieth birthday party.

Maybe we will see them on our next visit, which we are hoping will be this weekend. More tomatoes! More zucchini!

Our next big project at the little house in the city is to paint the exterior siding. No small task. The paint is peeling in large sheets, which makes for a lot of preparation work. Maybe this weekend we will get a start on that project. I did quite a bit of paint removal just before I was offered my full time job last April, but nothing has been done since.

Worldly Distractions


18 °C
Condition: Mainly Clear
Pressure: 101.5 kPa
Visibility: 11 km
Temperature: 18.0°C
Dewpoint: 17.7°C
Humidity: 98 %
Wind: calm


“There will be a time when loud-mouthed, incompetent people seem to be getting the best of you. When that happens, you only have to be patient and wait for them to self destruct. It never fails.”
Richard Rybolt


Richard Rybolt

“A successful horticulturist and property developer for much of his life, Richard Rybolt is now an active crusader for overcoming depression and a strong ally of the despondent. He has helped establish support groups, education seminars, and healing networks, and has personally coached and befriended those suffering from plights similar to his own. He has told his story of recovery and inspiration on various radio and television shows and before live audiences. The author of No Chairs Make for Short Meetings, he lives with his wife on small farm in upstate New York.”