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Steps to Getting the Heating System Completed via electrical update
– electrician submits service request to hydro. This started July 16th, 2022, lost by Hydro, resubmitted September 20th, 2022
– property inspection by hydro, took place yesterday, October 4th
– service layout generated by hydro, to be sent to me, which will include requirements, and a bill for any costs involved. Service layout will be sent in two or more weeks, so arrives sometime after October 18th.
– I review the service layout, pay the costs, consult with the electrician
– hydro consults with electrician
– hopefully electrician and hydro schedule date, and electrician consults with furnace installer re date for work
– throughout hoping that the process which was started in May, is completed in time for our harsh winter weather

I admit to finding this electrical portion of the install very stressful. If we had not needed a hydro service upgrade, the whole thing would have been completed on July 16th, but this old house needed the upgrade. The whole install process has been very intrusive, and extremely expensive, and who knows what additional elecdtricql expenses are coming our way, yikes! The electrical process and expense was not adequately explained to us by the electrician, so we will be scrambling to find ways to pay for the added expenses, as they are unexpected.

Otherwise, the new heating system is a win for us so far. The heat it not turned on. This morning the temperature was 2C outside the house, and 22C inside the house. The floors are not cold as they have always been when the weather turns this cold, and the air in the house is fresh and clean. I attribute this happy change in home comfort to the furnace installer, who sealed up the old chimney from the weather, and upgraded and reconfigured the duct work in the house. We are very very happy with the furnace install, not so happy with the electrical upgrade.

It is my time for dealing with malfunctioning administrative services! The electrical upgrade is proving to be a lot of work and worry, but there are also issues with the bank, again. This time the instructions left for banking procedures were not followed, so I have to make a series of telephone calls to get that all straightened out, and possibly make more appointments to go into the bank. These are the kinds of things I hate most in life, dealing with institutions of one sort or another. Still it has to be done, and it has to be done during Attila’s working hours, so that leaves me to do it.



Updated on Wed, Oct 5, 6:35 AM
2 °C
Wind 6 N km/h
Humidity 95 %
Visibility 21 km
Sunrise 7:10 AM
Wind gust 9 km/h
Pressure 101.7 kPa
Ceiling 9100 m
Sunset 6:41 PM


“Follow the grain in your own wood.”
Howard Thurman
1899 – 1981

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Wow, what a hassle!
I hope that all comes together before it turns really cold!

Eileen Barton

Ugh! Hoping things move along swiftly and with not too much expense to you and that it is all finished before the extreme cold arrives.