Covid At Our House

Well, there it is, I have Covid. I tested positive this morning.

So this “cold” that is hanging on is not a cold, it is Covid. I was really sick on Friday, September 30th, which must have been the peak of the infection. On the other side now I think. Attila has probably had it too, and would have caught it at his workplace, then passed it along to me. We now think it quite possible that we have already had Covid, as this transmission is what we managed to avoid for over two and half years, and it was a nail biter before the vaccinations became available. Thankfully we are both fully vaccinated and now we have added natural immunity to the mix.

Masks are not worn where Attila works, so whatever is going around in crowded social settings is coming home to us.

We had been thinking of spending Thanksgiving with family, it would have been lovely to see my Mom. BUT am I ever glad we did not risk it!!!!

I continue to feel tired, stuffy headed, with a phlegmy cough. I decided to test myself because when I go for a walk I tire very, very easily, which is not like me at all. It will be interesting to see how long these symptoms last!

We are enjoying our Thanksgiving weekend. We could not afford a turkey this year, but luckily we had a small chicken in the freezer. So on Saturday Attila roasted the chicken with stuffing, and we enjoyed a full dinner with potatoes and vegetables and gravy. For dessert I mixed a jar of homemade mincemeat with three diced apples, which I baked as an oatmeal crisp, it was delicious! Leftovers are appreciated here, so yesterday, and again today, a full roast chicken dinner will be served, so good!

I’ve remained active even while ill. On Saturday I canned five jars of Dilly Beans and Carrots, and three jars of Pickled Peppers. Over the weekend we dehydrated kale and celery, and made a powder from each. I made vegetable broth, six 500 ml tubs for the freezer. Of course I baked bread and a dessert for Thanksgiving. Also Attila picked Crabapples from our tree. These were cleaned, the stems and blossom ends removed, halved, and placed in the fermenting crock with sugar water and a dash of 2020’s batch of ACV. This morning the ferment is already bubbling. The 2020 ACV is doing well, it has a well developed “scobie” in it, success!



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Never be haughty to the humble; never be humble to the haughty.
Jefferson Davis
1808 – 1889

This is not a recipe for popularity with those of weak character.

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Maggie, so sorry to read that you have Covid. Sending you best wishes that the remaining symptoms abate quickly.


Maggie I’m sorry you got Covid but so relieved you are fully vaccinated. I think in the end we’ll all get it. Some of my students have described the same type of cough, lethargy and fuzzy-headedness. Stay hydrated and try to eat. Happy belated Thanksgiving. Your dinner sounds delicious! Hugs!


I’m so glad you’re vaccinated. (Attila doesn’t wear a mask at work????) Rest well, drink lots of fluids, get well soon! (Happy belated Thanksgiving!)

Eileen Barton

Happy Thanksgiving! So sorry that you got Covid. Don’t try to do too much…you should probably rest if you can. Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way.