Twenty-One Years

Twenty-one years ago today Attila and I went for a walk in the park, and have been together every day since. That day was sunny and mild, and full of promise. The promise has been fulfilled many times over as the years have passed. We did not know then that twenty-one years later we would be sitting and chatting over our morning coffee, in a little house that needed us (the little house in the city). And here it is, another sunny and mild day, full of promise.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and although I will not be with my Mom, she will be in my thoughts and in my heart tomorrow. And it is her birthday this week as well, so Happy Birthday Mom! Still running circles around me, and the only person in my life who can legitimately call me “kid”!

Worldly Distractions


Date: 2:00 PM EDT Saturday 10 May 2014
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 100.9 kPa
Tendency: rising
Visibility: 24 km
Temperature: 16.8°C
Dewpoint: 8.3°C
Humidity: 57%
Wind: WSW 32 gust 47 km/h


“Age does not protect you from love. But love, to some extent, protects you from age.”
Jeanne Moreau

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Cookie Barton

Happy Mother’s Day, Maggie! I enjoy reading your blog.


Happy anniversary, Maggie and Attila. May you have many, many more.

Tom McCubbin

Happy 21st anniversary! I bet the sun and mild weather feels good!




Since we share an anniversary (May 10th), I am reaching back into my memory stores to see if I can remember the very DAY when you and Attila took that fateful walk and began your great adventure. It must have been around 1993, no? And that was one of the years we went to England. In fact, I believe it was the year we climbed Roseberry Topping in N. Yorkshire – a small “mountain” that just barely met the qualifications for a mountain, 1000 high feet at the top. I wish I’d been blogging back then, too, just so I’d have a more concrete record of what was happening and when. But that much I do remember, and I think we were staying with our friend Sheila who lives in the Yorkshire Dales which was a real treat.

Anyway… Happy Mother’s Day Maggie, and have a lovely spring weekend!

Reenie Beanie

Belated, but heartfelt and joyful congrats!


Thanks Reenie!