Snow and Mosquitoes

My cousin ML did manage to drop by for a visit, with her partner Richard. What a treat. ML and I have been corresponding for years, but had never met in person. It was grand to chat with her in person, to interact spontaneously, to hug each other, and laugh together! We share so much in the way of family history, and interests. Her partner Richard is a warm and interesting man, they make a lovely couple. I called Attila at work and he made time to come home in order to meet them; it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and not to be missed.

The visit was too short, for they had to be on their way north to stay with Richard’s family. Hopefully someday Attila and I will manage a holiday west to Kelowna to visit ML and Richard, and to Calgary to visit with Emmi and Otto and the grandchildren.

We continue to press forward in getting the country house ready to go on the market. I have almost finished cleaning the living area, and what a job that has been! Sinkful after sinkful of black murky water as the soot came off every surface in the room. The living area has a cathedral ceiling, which has a real downside. I needed an eight foot ladder to reach the ceiling fan to clean it, and to clean the top of the masonry heater, the ceiling light fixtures, the tops of the kitchen cabinets, the ledges, and the wall mounted bric a brac shelf. I take my sweet time when I have to work on a ladder!

Note to self: no future cathedral ceilings, window blinds, or kitchen cabinets that do not reach the ceiling!!!

Now only the blinds left to do, they are my least favorite job, but at least I do not need a ladder to reach them.

I have readied the deck for staining, but the temperature is still too low to allow the application of stain outdoors. Attila continues to paint the trim, and has almost finished trimming the door frames, so on to the baseboards and ceiling trim. Outdoors, he has burned most of the brush and stacked most of the logs for firewood.

Yesterday I removed the plastic covering from the screens on the screened in porch. We staple it on for the winter to keep the snow and wind out of the porch. Removing staples is picky and time consuming work, and now it is done. As I stood on the snowbank beside the porch, removing the lower staples, a pesky mosquito was bothering me! Really?!?!?! Standing on a snowbank, fighting off a mosquito?!?!? Come on! LOL!

Worldly Distractions


Date: 5:00 PM EDT Wednesday 7 May 2014
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 102.2 kPa
Visibility: 16 km
Temperature: 15.8°C
Dewpoint: -4.4°C
Humidity: 25%
Wind: SSE 13 km/h


“The world is round; it has no point.”
Adrienne E. Gusoff

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Mosquito on a snow bank? That is ultimately unfair – and just pali wrong!


I know Wendy! I could not believe the injustice of it! LOL


And I see what happens when I try to post from my phone! Plain wrong. Just plain wrong. And it still is.


I’ve been noticing a lot of messages from friends who write from their E-gadged (phone, pad, etc.) are kind of full of typos lately. At first I just thought nothing of it, then one friend said that the device has an auto-correct in it and the word IT thinks she wants to type are not always the words she does want, so it corrects things and inserts words she doesn’t want. Sometimes she picks up on it and sometimes not.

Anyway, I agree, mosquitoes in the snow is a slap in the face… Mother Nature is sitting up on her high horse somewhere and having a good laugh on all of us mere mortals down here…


“E-gadget” — I meant to type… and I don’t even HAVE an E-gadget!!!


LOL Bex, machines who change words and the meanings of sentences, seemingly at random. It is a judgement on the literate in the world, machine power is upon us! LOL

Tom McCubbin

Might be a buggy year ahead what with all this extra cold and heavy winter behind. We’ll see…


Tom, I hope you are wrong about a buggy year!!!! But, if this evening is any indication, it is off to a roaring start, the black flies are swarming. Attila is out there trying to paint a window frame, and he is surrounded!