The Terrible, Terrible Mistake

The Terrible, Terrible Mistake

Attila called this morning in a panic and announced that he had made a terrible, terrible mistake. When he got home from work he talked and talked and talked, bottom line is that he thinks he had a mid-life meltdown. So, as far as I can tell we are back on the path together, but will need some time to heal from this very big, terrible, terrible mistake. Very big, very terrible, terrible.

My friends and loved ones have been interacting with me over the last two days, and I cannot say how much this has meant to me in my time of great distress. I feel so loved, so connected to you, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love Maggie


  1. NORA

    Maggie, First let me say I am glad you had the support of family and friends. But I am happier you and Attila are back on track. When I read the two previous entries I just could not believe it. So I am glad I don’t have to now! My husband almost left me a few years back. I didn’t see it coming either. We got in to counseling and that was a tremendous help. We are still together though sometimes I’d like to knock him over the head with a rolling pin. Relationships take work. I hope you and Attilla work out all the kinks and this experience brings you closer. x0x0x0x0x Nora

  2. Sandy

    Oh Maggie, I have been so sad all day, thinking about what you were going through and feeling there was nothing I could do to help. While this is good news, I know that it will take time to heal and rebuild the trust between you. I had one thought. Do you think it would help to talk to a counselor so that Attila, in particular, can understand what’s going on in his head? Also, for you to share how his actions affected you? I went to counseling years ago and the insights really helped. I’m so happy there’s a path back to happiness. Hugs.

  3. WendyNC

    Wow. I think it will take awhile to get all the metaphorical blood out of the carpet and I sincerely hope it doesn’t leave a permanent stain.

    Once again, best wishes to all concerned–whoever all that may be.

  4. Nora, relationships do take work, and today is the first step on another little journey! Attila will not go for counselling, I think some of his childhood experiences have affected him on this issue, it is a trust issue. xoxoxoxoxo Maggie

  5. Sandy, thank you for your heartfelt concern, it warms me. Your suggestion is a good one, counselling probably would help, but only if Attila entered into it willingly, and I don’t see that happening. When he arrived home he reconciled, then prompted by my questions he talked and talked and talked, and I just listened. He listened to how I felt during the whole ordeal, I cried a lot and he listened, and tried to comfort me. It is a start, the first step, many more to go I think. Hugs

  6. Wow.
    All I keep saying here is OMG.
    I am happy that your fate has been reversed … ??? that you are on the path together again. All day you have been in my mind and heart, and I have cried along with you in this. I kept thinking of the camper.. Grace, and the other one (?) and the Rideau Camp, and all that work you both put in, and Mist Cottage and the reno’s… and everything! Oh Maggie. I wonder what on earth it was?
    Cheers to you both, and can you hear me jumping for joy here? love…

  7. That is good news, and hopeful. At least there is a chance for your marriage now to go forward. I hope all the best for you both. I’m glad you chose to share your dismay with your readers and family instead of toughing it out alone the last two days. -Kate

  8. TopsyTurvy (Teri)

    I’m glad to hear that things seem better. Time now for lots of talking and coming to new understandings as to what both your needs are and how to achieve them. I was feeling rather distressed over how younwould handle such a devasting loss and I’m glad you won’t have to find out.

  9. Maggie, you have been on my mind all day. I was so happy to see your message when I checked my email a few minutes ago. It is not all over for you, I’m sure you know, since the hurt is still there, and the doubt will stay for a while. But it does sound positive! I’m glad you just were still and let him talk. You seem such a forgiving person, but now you will have to dig deep and try to understand what happened. Of course, counselling would help, but does not seem possible right now. Take good care…

  10. I am a all over the place Teri, but mostly OK. I have slept through two nights now, sleep really helps. I am also keeping myself busy, stripping the new floor today, getting it ready for polish, grunt work that keeps me active. This whole thing is going to take some time and work to sort out.

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