Testing… does your notification reach you?

This is a post to test the email subscription function. I have been alerted to issues.

Please comment and let me know if you did, or did not, receive notification.

Thanks! Maggie

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19 Responses to Testing… does your notification reach you?

  1. WendyNC says:

    Got it. I will now go and.check to see if I have missed entries.

  2. Maggie,
    I always get your notifications, but for some reason over the past couple months they began going into the spam folder. I fixed that and now there are no issues. Isn’t it strange, though, how things are going along normally and then suddenly the computer changes something? Frustrating. -Kate

  3. Wendy, excellent! I am going to need to check this more regularly!

  4. Kate, glad you have been getting the notifications, no idea why they would go to a spam filter, glad you caught it. I think the issues here were caused by an update to the software that reset everything in the wrong way, hopefully I have reconfigured it so that the software works the way it should!

  5. Sandy says:

    Sadly no. I got the Facebook notification but not the website notification. What is the email address used for notifications from your end? I can put that into my address book. Thanks!

  6. Bex Crowell says:

    Yes, I got (and always get) the notifications by email however,I can never comment anymore without having to fill in the boxes every single time (name and email and website). Oh wait, I see a box I can check – I never saw that before. I will try it.

  7. Bex Crowell says:

    Comment #2 – Yes! That worked! So happy now.

  8. Eileen Barton says:

    Received the notification.

  9. Sandy, I am sending you an email privately to see if we can get this working.

  10. Bex, so glad you are getting the notifications, and I hope you can now comment without having to fill in a form!

  11. Eileen, glad to know you are receiving my email notifications!, thanks for letting me know!

  12. Teri says:

    I don’t get notifications but I do notice that the box for holding name and email have been unchecked, so I had to check it again and re-enter my info.

  13. Sandy says:

    Maggie, I think you fixed it! Thank you!

  14. Fingers crossed Sandy!

  15. Teri, I’ll have a look at the settings again, see if there is anything I can do. Software is so frustrating at times!

  16. Helen says:

    I did not get a notification, but I always check if you have posted anyway so it’s not a problem.

  17. Helen, if you change your mind about the notifications email me your email address and I will look into it.

  18. Sandra says:

    Maggie, I don’t get your notifications though I would like to. I used to get them but sometime last year they stopped.

  19. Sandra, I will have a look at the settings again, and see what I can come up with! Thanks for the feedback.