Still Moving In

I’ve been busy.

The heating system update was a turning point in our domestic organization.

Suddenly I am making progress in organizing the interior of the house.

The paper purge is ongoing. Who knew it would literally take months to sort through it all? Certainly not me! I continue to unearth pockets of documents stuffed away in nooks and crannies. This really isn’t surprising considering our rushed move into Mist Cottage, which was already furnished, is half the size of the Country House, and under continuing renovation.

Every single day I sort, file, purge. Once the paper documents are sorted through, I will move on to redundant electronics. I have here tech items that date back to the late 1980s, that have not been used in decades. Although they are still good, they will never be used, so to the charity shop they will go. You never know who might be looking for vintage items, so I am not throwing them out, but giving them a chance at a new home.

Most of our belongings are tucked into available spaces in this very small home. I am inspired to “untuck” them, sort them, purge, and organize what we keep.

My days are filled with finding items, deciding if we keep them or not, then either getting rid of them, or organizing their storage.

We have a lot of stuff. This is the result of having so many interests and DIY projects, such as gardening, food preservation, clothing construction, renovation… the list goes on and on and all of these things involve tools and equipment of one sort or another, which must all be stored. We buy used whenever possible, and good quality new if we cannot find the item used.

We also both have modest collections, record albums, books, and stamps. These collections aren’t worth much to anyone else, but they are meaningful to us.

Further complicating our storage issue is that we both like to keep useful things, even if they aren’t useful just at the minute. Often items that we have kept for ten or twenty years suddenly become useful to us, so that we seldom need to purchase things. An example would be the case of printer paper I purchased on sale in 2001. It has been bulky to store, but I am now using the last package of that paper. I’ve been looking to purchase one package and find the new prices astonishing, which is to be expected after 22 years.

The intensity of my activities has kept me from spending much time in the digital world. These days I seldom visit Facebook or other social media. I continue to write in this journal, as the universe calls my name from time to time, and here I answer.



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“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”
Soren Kierkegaard
1813 – 1855

This hits a cord with me, as I sort through yesterday to live more comfortably in today.

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Joan Lansberry

Thanks for the update! I should return to pruning. I’d made good progress, and then….

Eileen Barton

You know how some socks disappear in the dryer? Well, I swear paper multiplies when you aren’t looking! I so relate to this post and having interests that require so many supplies. I love to read and have tons of books…giving them away is like abandoning a friend. Then there are all the various craft and art and gardening supplies among other items that are “needed”. Best of luck on your purging!


I was doing a paper purge last year and found class notebooks I had put in an old cabinet. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t tossed them decades ago. Out they went. That led to some other paper items that I sorted through and purged. It feels good to reclaim a little space. 🙂


Wow, Maggie! Sounds like you’ll free up a lot of new space once you’re finished. I know when we pared down while getting ready to move 2 years ago we got rid of a 15 foot wall of books, floor to ceiling and a jam-packed 3-drawer filing cabinet of old papers. Oh and a closet full of old electronics, so I really know what you’re going through. For me, it felt like a weight was being lifted. I’m not sure what DH felt. He’s a bit of a pack rat and a lot of the paper and electronics were his.