Greener Homes Program: Our Federal Furnace Fiasco

It will soon be two years since I began the process of accessing the government grant to replace our oil furnace with an air source heat pump. The early pandemic was not the time to fill the house with a contracted workforce. It is small here, no one could possibly have kept their social distance, and I felt overwhelmed by the thought of having to enforce the wearing of masks. Seniors were dying at that point, the vaccines had yet to be developed, so the process slowed.

After the vaccines appeared the pace picked up again. But then we discovered that our electrical service would not handle the job, it had to be updated. Again the process slowed, and even though the heat pump was installed, it could not heat the house in extreme cold. The hydro upgrade took months and months, as there were several layers of bureaucracy to navigate to get the job done. Once the hydro service was available the electrician was quick to finish the upgrade.

Because all this had taken so long, another road block appeared. The company that had done the original home assessment went bankrupt as we waited for Hydro One to do their part of the job. This entailed a great deal of trouble accessing records, and switching assessment companies.

And another road block appeared since the federal government decided to partner with a natural gas company, and people like us who had dealt with the government ministry could not have their claims processed by the new setup. So our application went somewhere to be handled manually, as the new system could not handle our paperwork.

That process was going to take until May 7, 2023, before we could be approved.

NOW federal employees are on strike, and government services are slowing down. I expect that our approval won’t come through by May 7, 2023. Heaven only knows if and when we will see the grant money.

I’ve found it difficult to believe that so many parts of this process could go awry, as we have moved slowly through it. I know others have not had this degree of difficulty. It is our very own Federal Furnace Fiasco.



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Stubblejumpers Cafe

Maggie, you’ll receive a list-unsubscribe from me because I have your site in my directory already (at and will see there when you update.

Sorry to hear about your grant woes. You handle all those details with such efficiency though! I take pointers from you — like the one some time ago when you said you keep notes of phone calls, dates, conversations, etc. with companies you deal with.


Joan Lansberry

I’m sorry you’re having such trouble with that process!


Maggie, I’m so sorry this mess is dragging on.

You said this was Federal but I see that the Province is partnering with a gas company, so that makes me wonder. Can you do the Provincial upgrade with your assessment? From what I see on google, the provincial upgrade is up to $10,600 while the Fed upgrade is only $1,000.

I hope the silly strike ends soon and you can get everything finalized.