So Far, So Good

The weather is warmer, bringing with it transitional events like freezing rain, and icy roads. This is not problematic until we have to be somewhere at a designated time, then it can get tricky. The daily commute to work can be challenging, other than that we only venture forth for supplies and medical appointments. Soon though, the transitional weather will transform into spring weather, it won’t be long now, so far so good.

The new kitchen layout is proving to be a challenge in adjustment. For twelve years the refrigerator and other equipment stayed where they were, then were moved two weeks ago. I still find myself standing in front of a counter, where the refrigerator used to be, when I am baking and need an egg, or some milk. Sometimes I spin in a circle as I turn to find the spoon, or pot, or measuring cup I am looking for. The old habits will eventually fade away as new patterns become imprinted, so far so good.

We have a tentative arrangement for our dead Ash Tree removal. It will take us about six months to recover financially from the expense of it, as it will cost thousands of dollars. We have another Ash Tree that needs to be removed, but Attila will fell that one himself. The one that is just a few feet from our neighbour’s house however, needs special handling, and an insured company to remove it. At the same time we continue to look into options for furnace replacement. We do not want to leave that to the last minute, as prices continue to rise on everything, and our income does not rise, quite the opposite. So far so good.

My health issue continues, tests are weeks and months away, as is a diagnosis. This is very frustrating, and we have our fingers crossed that this is nothing serious (as in life threatening, nothing else seems serious at this point), but we don’t know because the health care system can’t offer testing any quicker, or so they say. I keep reading about people not going in for testing because of fear of Covid, but I think it is more because patients with issues cannot get timely appointments for testing, many just give up. I am stubborn. I’ve been waiting since January 7th for a diagnosis. The test done last month was not thorough enough to make a diagnosis. The more thorough test is booked for a month from now. While I wait, painkillers are my friend. I’ve already had one trip to the Emergency Department for the pain, was given hydromorphone that worked for only a few hours, but I hate that stuff, and will move mountains to avoid needing it again. So far so good.

Attila and I have decided to slowly resume some types of shopping, particularly because masks are still mandated, making this a safer time than it will be in the months to come. We visited the local Canadian Tire store over the weekend, to return some GEM canning lids that we received last fall, instead of the wide mouth canning lids that were ordered. They couldn’t be returned unless I was willing to enter the store, and so they have sat on the kitchen counter mocking me for months. It caused the clerk some confusion, but with the help of the manager we finally got it sorted out. In 2021 we purchased a Soda Stream on sale from Canadian Tire. The cartridge ran out last November, but again, I had to enter the store to replace it, so it was not replaced, until last weekend, finally. So that was our inaugural reentry into the world. So far no Covid symptoms, so far so good.

Detroit Times Cookbook
Detroit Times Cookbook, date of publication unknown.
Our neighbour Jack, the best neighbour I’ve ever had in my life, sold his house to move to an apartment, he had a garage sale. That was twenty years ago. This was his late wife’s cookbook. I bought the box of her cookbooks and recipes. Every time I pick up this cookbook I think of Jack.



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“It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.”
John Andrew Holmes

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Maggie, I do hope your health issues can get sorted sooner rather than later. Pain can be exhausting.


I also hope you somehow get faster access to the better diagnostic tool and that whatever is causing the pain is easily treatable. That type of delay would be frustrating for anyone.
I love old cookbooks. I’m glad you got the box of cookbooks from Jack.
Stay well.

Eileen Barton

Maggie, I hope this next test gives you a diagnosis and that it is easily treatable. Can’t wait for spring though so far this winter wasn’t too bad. Hope I didn’t jinx the weather by saying that. LOL


Maggie, did you ever get your own doctor? I ask because I’ve had a few medical things happen since covid started and I never had a problem getting in for testing. But then that was for x-rays and not other kinds of tests and at that time we lived in a metro area of half a milion people.

With shopping with covid, we keep store visits short. The amount of time in a place directly correlates to your likelihood of getting infected.

We’ve put some curtains up in the new house and brought over some small fragile things. Moving day is next Tuesday!