Two Years

My Mom is a talented Bridge player. After a two year hiatus, she is going to be able to play the game with her friends once more. Yay!

This inspired me to think about the last couple of years, so I recorded my thoughts here.

It was two years ago yesterday, February 27th, 2020, that I last stepped foot in a grocery store. Canada wasn’t taking the Pandemic seriously in those days, even the Prime Minister’s wife was off to England to a big shindig in early March, where she contracted Covid-19. Many claim we “didn’t know”. A lot of us did know though, and began to take precautions. In early February of 2020 Attila and I began to wear masks, and had to endure public ridicule as a result. I often wonder if the people who openly mocked us, some of them old enough to sport grey hair, ever felt the bite of the Pandemic, but I will never know because they were strangers.

In March of 2020 a family member died of Covid-19 on the Zandaam cruise ship.

Then the lockdown came and Attila was home for a number of weeks, and it was quite a relief that he, and me by proxy, could avoid the virus. The lockdown ended, and as an “essential worker” Attila went back to work in that busy environment, constantly mixing with hundreds of people. It was a worrisome time, and we envied people who could work from home, as they could choose their risk of exposure. There were cases where Attila worked, and workers only found out through employees communicating with each other, “gossip” that was actually first hand news of fellow workers.

Then we lost another family member to Covid-19. He had followed all the safety protocols recommended, attended a “car show” thought to be a safe activity, where he contracted the virus, quickly became very ill, and passed away.

My only outings from February 2020 on, were for medical appointments. The people I dealt with for those appointments were all brusque, officious, and some were downright rude for no reason. My only social contact was negative.

2020 was a year of fear, isolation, adjustments, and social unpleasantness.

It wasn’t until the spring of 2021 that we were able to receive a vaccination that offered some protection from severe illness. It was difficult to get the shot, everywhere I called was booked solid, or had run out of shots. There were waiting lists, we added our names to the lists. I made hundreds of telephone calls to finally get appointments for those first shots.

In 2021 the people I dealt with for medical appointments were gentler, kinder, more patient, the change was striking and welcome. By 2021 Attila and I were comfortable and efficient with the routines we felt prudent to minimize possible exposure to the virus. We found ways to obtain food and other necessities online, without having to enter sticks and bricks stores. We disinfected items that came into the house. Attila worked out a routine to deal with clothing worn at work that might be contaminated by the virus. We developed a routine to let mail sit for a few days before it was handled and opened. We used soap and water to sanitize wherever possible, and used hydrogen peroxide where soap and water weren’t practical to do the job. We washed our hands frequently. We kept our distance socially.

2021 was a kinder, gentler isolation in many ways, and a partial release from fear with the coming of vaccinations. Isolation, however, was tiring.

Christmas 2019 was the last time I had face-to-face contact with a relative or friend, other than Attila.

It has been a long two years, here at Mist Cottage, where I spend the majority of my waking hours in my own company. It will be a big adjustment to enter social spaces again. It isn’t quite time yet for us, in a few months we will see how things are going, assess risk, and maybe, just maybe, go grocery shopping.

A well used cookbook, just the way I found it in the early 90s.



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“The movies are the only business where you can go out front and applaud yourself.”
Will Rogers
1879 – 1935

… and then came the age of selfies!

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Stubblejumpers Cafe

Saskatchewan powers that be have removed all restrictions as of today. I will continue masking in public and avoiding public places and gatherings until medical experts say these precautions are no longer making a difference. No doubt I’ll be the recipient of some rude remarks from those who prefer to follow the dictates of our right-wing, all-that-matters-is-the-economy premier. We shall see. I’ll be taking advice from those who know what they’re talking about, not those who choose to stick their heads in the sand like the Saskatchewan premier has done. -Kate


Ironically, just before we went into shutdown I went to see the doctor to get a vaccine against 13 viruses that could cause pneumonia. Many pneumonias are caused by corona viruses. Who knows, the timing of that shot may have possibly saved my life, making my body more vigilant to corona viruses. And this February I got the 23 virus pneumonia shot. My only trip in to see my doctor in the last year.

They’ve pretty much found out now that extensive cleaning makes little difference, it’s pretty much air transmission that’s the problem. Still, we do use sanitizer or soap and water when we’ve been somewhere unusual and never touch our faces when we’ve been out and about. We’ve enjoyed friends and family a few times from a distance these last two years. As long as you have a breeze and distance making sure no concentrated virus gets to you, you’re okay. It’s like blowing on a furry dandelion and watching thewind scatter the seeds.

We definitely won’t be ready to go into venues forva while. Better to watch and see what happens to numbers of infected as others rush to return to normal.

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Our state just removed masking requirements with some exceptions. Schoolchildren in the city still have to mask. There are other groups that will have to wear masks too. I will continue to wear a mask when I’m indoors with people I don;t know. A friend and I do try to go out to eat in restaurants every so often but we’re as careful as we can be. It still makes me nervous to unmask in public ūüôĀ


My state, Arizona, has never had any mask mandates. Julia and I are vaxxed and wear continue to wear masks indoors in public places. We are more daring than some and less daring than others. Through out, we’ve continued to shop at the groceries. We do occasionally see a movie on the big screen, at a weekday earliest showing, when few people attend (we preferred that time pre-pandemic). I don’t know when as I’ll ever feel safe for dining inside a restaurant. (Have done so only outdoors a very few times with restaurants that have outdoor dining.)