I am about to head off to work, where I will be very active reaching, walking, lifting, stretching, bending…

This is the third day and the pain is all encompassing at this point. Everything hurts! As I sit to write this I have a heating pad against my back, which really seems to help with the pain. I’ve taken pain medication and will take it again at intervals.

To sit in one place all day long for a year, and to suddenly become active, is a recipe for pain. The weight I gained over a year of inactivity is making the transition even more difficult. All that extra weight will melt away over the next few months, as long as I pace myself and keep moving.

This too shall pass.

I am being very cautious with my body right now, it is vulnerable to permanent injury while it is undergoing this transformation from a sedentary work environment to an active work environment. Old people do not toughen up as quickly as young people.

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“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
427 BC – 347 BC

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But just think of the health benefits of all that movement! And people are paying you to do it instead of you paying a gym. Have some fun while you are at it anyway, and take care.


It is good you are being cautious. Rest well, drink lots of water, and soon you’ll limber up.

~Sil in Corea

Do stick with it! As you say, take care to move carefully and “lift with the legs, not the back,” as my grandmother used to say.