The New Throne

Attila is hard at work this evening. He waited until I arrived home from work, then offered me my very last chance to grace the old throne. It has been retired, at last, to be replaced with a very inexpensive, low-flow, dual-flush model. Mist does not approve. Mist has a thing about forbidden sources of water. The toilet is her favorite watering hole. She lurks nonchalantly by the door, biding her time, when it is in use; because she hopes we will forget to put the seat down. She is always disappointed in us, we don’t forget. Last year Mist had a bad infection in her face. We didn’t know what caused it and it was frightening; we feared for our Mist. We decided at that point that she should stop drinking out of the toilet bowl, just in case the infection originated there. Luckily her face cleared up nicely on its own, she recovered completely. The seat of the toilet has been diligently closed ever since. Lately, as I emerge from my shower, Mist has taken to jumping into the tub to lick the water from the wet surfaces. As I was showering this morning I looked down and … Continue reading

It can’t be the middle of August!

Another week of my life has rolled by with nothing of note to signify its passing. This is a luxury. There have been times in my life where time and geography were the only hope that existed; the moments and places were far too grim to linger or to rest. Time and geography proved worthy of the hope and trust placed upon them. The work place is slowly balancing itself, this past week a few of the issues have worked themselves out. Issues always appear, old ones, new ones and everything in between. Most of the time they do not dominate the day, those are good days. I’ve had a week of good days. Today I am not working at my part-time job, I have the day off. So far I’ve cut my own hair, trimmed the nails of all ten toes and all ten fingers, washed and dried two loads of laundry and paid all the bills. I spent time researching my fantasy gift list. Near the top of the list is a Dyson vacuum cleaner, an odd obsession I suppose. But honestly, when we fire up the old vacuum cleaner it sounds like a space shuttle launching and … Continue reading

Releasing energy to the wild…

Writing is really doing it for me. I slept for about four hours last night, woke up ruminating about work. I have to stop spending so much time there! At least I slept. First thing I did this morning was to write an email to the owner of the company about our small dog problem. I really let loose, wrote exactly what I thought, told it like I see it. I took meticulous care to word it exactly how I wanted it, to capture every nuance of my dissatisfaction; spent hours writing it. Then I deleted it. Poof goes the goof. I released that energy to the wild of the universe for balancing. It is in the hands of natural process now. There are bigger forces than me at work in the universe, everyone is subject to natural balancing, including me, including small dogs. Harriet called from the beach at her cottage this morning, it is beautiful on the beach apparently. She and Hogan are preparing to take the paddle boat for a spin, it sounds lovely. They are preparing to send their only child off to university in a few short weeks. You want your kids to grow up, … Continue reading

Writing myself to sleep!

Here I am, sitting awake, exhausted and it is hours past the time I would normally fall asleep. I am wound up too tight to relax; I’v had a bad week at work. I’ve been working from eight in the morning until seven at night for the last week. I was asked to do this by head office, to catch up from the disaster caused by a dead hard drive and Internet service failure… and while I was working all hours putting things right, our manager spent his time destroying the filing system and shredding crucial documents. Why! I think he is suffering from small dog syndrome. Last Saturday Attila and I visited our little house in the city. The drive was lovely, the evening light tinted the landscape golden as we made our way down the back roads. We were excited to see how our garden was doing, so as soon as we arrived we left our baggage in the car and headed for the back yard. There were red tomatoes! There were huge zucchini! I love garden tomatoes, they are a completely different food than the ones you buy in the grocery store. We puttered in the garden … Continue reading

One step, then another step…

This is a placeholder. Attila and I have, in addition to working six days a week, been working overtime. Attila because they are so busy, me because the computer systems were down for a week and chaos has ensued. We are both working this morning; I am slipping onto the computer to touch base, if only with myself!