Basement Curtain

Basement Curtain

I am cranky today! I don’t think it comes across, in my writing, or even in my interactions with Attila. I just know that I am cranky, because nothing suits me, and some of the negative scripts I have stored in my dark corners are being played for me. Calling foul on those scripts.

The summer cold is still lodged in my throat and sinuses, lots of coughing and blowing going on. The rest of the symptoms have eased up, thank goodness.

What to do when nothing will please you? Well, since nothing suits, one might as well work on projects that have been put off for some time. The new curtain, fashioned from a wrap around skirt, was only temporarily hung with clothespins. Time to remedy that situation.

First, iron the skirt. The ironing board is a tiny one without legs, that has to be placed on a table or counter to be used. It was dragged out from behind a stack of boards and big items, stored behind a door, no closets here you see. Then the kitchen table had to be cleared so that there would be a place to put it, things like Attila’s iPad, my pile of bills to be paid, things like that. The cord for the iron is a long one, and it needs to be, as the closest power outlet to the kitchen table is three feet away. The ironing was accomplished.

The skirt is one that I love, everything about it delights me. The colours, the pattern, the quality of the cotton, silky, smooth, with a beautiful drape. It is exquisite.

The next step was to put away the iron and ironing board, and climb up on the furniture to reach the tote containing the sewing equipment. It took some time to take each item out of the tote, one at a time, then climb down with it and take it to the kitchen. When all the equipment was assembled and setup, it was time to take measurements. The curtain was taken to the basement, with a measuring tape, and straight pins, to accomplish this. Back upstairs again, the skirt was spread out on the living room floor where I bent to pin the fold that would be sewn for the rod pocket. Then it was quick work to sew the fold, thread the new tension curtain rod through it, and place it in the window. I love it, it gives me joy.

I love beautiful fabrics, and yarns, and threads.

Basement curtain from skirt The new curtain in the biggest basement window. It was a skirt, that was gifted to me by my friend Joannie, decades ago. I couldn’t part with it, and now I get to look at it almost every day!

A load of laundry was washed and hung out to dry on the back porch. Stewing beef came out of the freezer and into the microwave to be defrosted, for a stew, that will be cooked in stages over two days, using off-peak hydro. Filing, that was piled rather high on the kitchen table, was filed. In my case, crankiness is best combatted with activity and engagement with the physical world. In my distant past I found that going walkabout on busy city streets, or getting together with friends, would lift any clouds. However, in my current state of isolation, those coping mechanisms are not accessible, so domestic activity will do nicely.

Worldly Distractions


Date: 12:00 PM EDT Wednesday 6 June 2018
Condition: Mostly Cloudy
Pressure: 101.4 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 14.9°C
Dew point: 12.3°C
Humidity: 84%
Wind: S 17 km/h
Visibility: 24 km


“Ever tried? Ever failed? No Matter, try again, fail again, Fail better.”
Samuel Beckett
1906 – 1989


  1. WendyNC

    Maggie, congratulations on putting that “cranky” to good use. I need to remember that trick!

    As for why you’re feeling cranky, see paragraph 2 above. Better but still feeling lousy will readily start the crankies for me.

    I see why you loved that skirt. You’re so clever at re-purposing things.

  2. Wendy, this approach to crankiness is my take on misery loves company. 🙂

    You could be right about the clinging cold causing the crankiness. I honestly thought I would wake up earlier this week and find it gone, no such luck.

    The skirt is made from a luxuriously finely woven cotton, it feels so soft, and feels smooth and cool to the hand, and it was lovely to wear in the summer months. I am working on another repurposing project at the moment, more details to follow. I am determined to wear out this great stash of stuff we still still have here.

  3. Thanks Eileen! This cold seems to have moved in and settled down, although not at the intensity of last week, seems like it is going to whine a lot before it leaves.

    The skirt was beautiful decades ago and it still is, I’m glad I thought of it, although I did have to wrestle with myself to actually use it, saving it seemed so appealing.

  4. You too Bex! It must be a universal thing. Election day here in Ontario, and we have a Trumpesque conservative running for power, very frightening. By tomorrow we will know. The weather is supposed to be mild and fair now, lets hope it perks up!!! hugs

  5. TopsyTurvy (Teri)

    Oh! That’s lovely! I really like the fabric of your skirt/curtain.

    I had a day of crankies about 2 weeks ago. DH was duly warned that I was in a mood and was barely controlling my rather snappish responses. No telling if the crankies would win and I’d say what I was thinking. Fortunately, things never got out of control.

    I’m surprised you’re still having a problem with a runny nose. Any chance something you’re allergic to might be adding to it? Anyhow, hope this all goes away real soon.

    Today, I voted in Canada for the very first time. 🙂

  6. Thanks Teri!

    Crankiness is catching, lol! I try not to infect the world around me with it, sometimes with success, other times not so much.

    I’ve bumped into descriptions of these symptoms by other people, who experienced ongoing and evolving combinations of symptoms from four to eight weeks. It has been two weeks, I’ll give it another two and and see where I am.

    Congratulations on your first Canadian voting experience!

  7. Sandy

    I wonder if it’s the weather in my case. Gloomy and rainy here so I felt cranky from the moment I woke up. I Love your curtains!! Congratulations on channeling your crankiness into something positive. 🙂

  8. Sandy, gloomy weather sure can alter my mood! Sunny here though, and cool, kinda perfect. Sometimes when I am cranky I just glump around, this was one of the times when I pushed myself into being active, works a lot better for me if I can pull it off. 🙂

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