And So It Begins

And so it begins. Attila ordered the new roofing material. It will be delivered. Two more large scale orders to go, the lumber for the project, and the large dumpster. Fiddly bits will be needed as well, but they are an in situ decision. We will be leaking $$$$ for a while. Attila’s attention is shifting from the garden to the garage, spending time now moving things out and sorting for throwing things out. From now on, he will be busy with this project every single moment he isn’t at work, eating, bathing, attending to hygiene, or sleeping.

I am girding my loins, preparing for the wave of renovation that will soon hit the house. At least this isn’t taking place inside the house!

It was cold today. Sitting on the back porch became uncomfortably chilly after a short time, even with a jacket on. Yesterday’s rain seems to have pleased the garden. The new Cosmos are already blooming, and in the yard the Hawkweed and the White Clover look beautiful. The Wild Geranium, Columbine, and Irises continue to bloom beautifully and profusely.

The rabbits have not found a way into the fenced in portion of the yard. That inner sanctum was made even more impenetrable with large granite rocks that Attila brought home from the Rideau Camp on Sunday. Birds still wander there at will, and squirrels scale the fence without effort. Next year I am voting that he plant strawberries, protected by chicken wire, or those birds and squirrels will eat the lot on me!

It looks like most of the climbing beans and peas have survived inside the fence, as the squirrels have taken no interest in them. I’ve realized why the bunnies like our yard. The diversity of the plants in our “lawn” is extensive, and the plants are native and wild. This is fast becoming the only natural field of plants in the area, where rabbits can find suitable food, and eat in peace. It is difficult to tell what they are currently eating out there in the yard, it isn’t the white clover, could it be dandelion greens. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!

Worldly Distractions


Date: 7:00 PM EDT Tuesday 5 June 2018
Condition: Not observed
Pressure: 100.6 kPa
Tendency: Rising
Temperature: 14.4°C
Dew point: 10.5°C
Humidity: 77%
Wind: SW 11 km/h


“We are alone, absolutely alone on this chance planet: and, amid all the forms of life that surround us, not one, excepting the dog, has made an alliance with us.”
Maurice Maeterlinck
1862 – 1949

I will say though, we are tolerated by cats, as long as we keep our service standards up to scratch.

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Bex Crowell

Never a dull moment at Mist Cottage! xox


Maggie, I hope this project goes as well and smoothly as such things ever can and I wish Attila fair weather for the roofing part of it.


Lol! In Canada it’s either hockey season or construction season – and it looks like both our places will be doing our part. Yesterday, I ordered wood-look vinyl plank flooring for the cottage. It should be here next week. It’s for the kitchen and the entry, to stand up to the dogs’ claws and the sand.

Also ordered a corbel to hold a road sign, to welcome folks to our Blue Bayou cottage. Still to come, ordering edging and pea gravel for around the fire pit.


I’ve debated whether to put down limestone screening or landscape fabric under the pea gravel, to prevent plants growing through. Haven’t decided yet.

We really like the name Blue Bayou for the cottage. The place is done mostly in white and neutral gray, but with Caribbean blue accents. And we’re really feeling the lyrics from Linda Rondstadt’s version of the song. “Saving nickels, saving dimes. Working til the sun don’t shine. Looking forward to happier times on Blue Bayou…” 🙂