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Our Internet connection is abysmal tonight, and has been unreliable and excessively slow all summer. Rogers tells us that there have been no changes, but I know differently. Something has definitely changed. It can take ten minutes for a web page to load, on this high speed connection. Country life, ain’t it grand!

We are working, working, working… I work at my part-time job again this Saturday. What I like about working is earning money and the actual work. What I hate about working is the politics and jockeying for position. It balances out to neutral so far.

The universe has been up to some very interesting things this past week. You might remember that I was tormented to tears by the negative coworker? That eventually I was forced to transfer to another branch with fewer hours and extremely nice coworkers. Well, when I worked at my part-time job last weekend I discovered why I had been offered the time. Someone was off sick.

Apparently the negative coworker worked last Tuesday, had an uneventful day. Later, during the evening, she took a “turn”, and her life partner rushed her to the hospital, where she suffered a massive stroke. She was airlifted to the city hospital, where she remains in a coma till this day. Shocking, she is relatively young, in her forties.

Many thoughts raced through my mind when I was told the shocking news. Thankfully, my first thought, the one that was expressed, was “oh no, that’s awful!”. Soon afterward my mind began to wonder if being a terror to others hadn’t come back around to sit on her shoulders. Not a generous thought, but I am human and I did suffer at her hands and she did enjoy my suffering. What an unhappy story!

Another sad event this past week is the death of Jack Layton, a Canadian politician focused on the common citizens rather than the corporate. I don’t much admire politicians, but he rose above the crowd.

So this week I’ve been studying myself, and my own reactions to less than welcome news. I haven’t found myself to be saintly, but have come to accept that for most of us sainthood is not a state of grace.

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“Truth is what stands the test of experience.”
Albert Einstein
1879 – 1955

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How about, “Here’s wishing her the best for a speedy and complete recovery of mind and spirit as well as body.”

No sainthood in my department, either.


Beautiful thought Wendy, generous, but not to a fault. Making a better world one positive thought at a time!