Baby Bear

Yesterday at breakfast I glanced out the front window at our driveway.  Sauntering across the road was a young bear, who moved slowly through the wooded area next to the driveway and then headed off into the wild.

Terra Graduation 2010
Terra Graduation 2010

I think that bear paid another visit this morning.  I did not observe the visitor, but our garbage bag was ripped wide open.  What a mess.  It was mostly coffee grounds, so I have to wonder just what the attraction was!

I put on Attila’s rubber boots and a head net to protect myself from the voracious mosquitoes.  Out I went, broom and dustpan in hand, to sweep up the mess into another garbage bag, which I set out for the the garbage collector.

There have been several bear attacks this spring, one involved a pedestrian and the other a cyclist.  I don’t believe our bear was involved, as it occurred some distance from our place.  It is something to consider though, when puttering about outside.  I make loud noises when I venture out the door, so as not to take any visitors by surprise.  Bears hate surprises.

Terra writes her final exam today.  She has excellent marks, so there is no real worry about the outcome.  Still, it will be nice for her to have the whole experience under her belt, done and dusted.  It has been a good experience, and she has achieved her goals with hard work and good humour.  She has found her niche, as she not only enjoys her new career path, she excels at it.  She has already found a job, as I think I mentioned, which is a great relief to both her and Lares.  They can move on now, to the next goal, then the next, and so on.

Luna continues to hold central command of her busy household.  The twins are three and a going concern.  Tink, the baby, is sitting on her own and on the verge of mobility.  Life will change then!  Luna continues to take wonderful pictures of her children, special gifts for their future and a real pleasure for virtual grandparents like us.

Things are very quiet here.  The economic activity that usually flows in the summer is off to a very slow start.  The streets are empty and the retailers are waiting anxiously to see if the season’s business improves.  Perhaps when school is out things will brighten for them.  However, this is the slowest June we have observed since moving here.

Attila and I attended a free fiddle performance last night.  What fun!  I’m not passionately fond of the music they played, but I can say that both Attila and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.  Everyone on stage and off were friendly.  All of the performers came from the communities that my Grandparents lived in during their youth and after they were married.  One of the performers is my second cousin once removed, but we have not yet met.  The wonders of a genealogy database!  Other’s might also be related, but I didn’t catch everyone’s name.  Perhaps another time.

After the performance there was much greeting and hugging by the audience and the performers.  Attila and I were unknown to both groups.  I watched for an opportunity to introduce myself, none arose.  Perhaps another time.

On the drive home a dense fog hung low over the landscape, it was quite beautiful.  Luckily the fog hovered well above the roads, so that visibility remained excellent.

Worldly Distractions


“He who lives without folly isn’t so wise as he thinks.”
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
(1613 – 1680)


21 °C
Condition:Mainly Sunny
Pressure:101.3 kPa
Visibility:11 km
Humidity:84 %
Wind:SE 9 km/h
Worldly Distractions