One of the things I like least about using WordPress is that you need to update it periodically.  I ALWAYS fail the first time round.  Always.  This time I tried the automatic update feature, because it seemed as if it would be simpler.  Ahem.  Not in my capable hands it wasn’t!  “An Automated WordPress update has failed to complete – please attempt the update again now.”

Swiss Chard and Foot
Swiss Chard and Foot

The trouble now is that when it failed, and I watched it fail, I decided to go ahead and do the update manually.  That worked, a little time consuming, but it worked.  Now all I have to do is figure out how to let my installation of WordPress in on the update, because it hasn’t figured out that the whole event is over, over and done with.

We are having a beautiful day!  Our robins are chirping happily in the trees just over the railings of the deck.  I call them our robins because they were born here, under the deck flooring.  The deck extends from the second story of the house, so it is high and dry and a perfect spot for nesting.  All spring we watched the robins build the nest and proceed to lay and hatch the eggs.  The three chicks grew very quickly and have now flown into the forest beside the deck; which is home sweet home to them.  One our robins is very precocious, hopping across the deck and attempting to pluck my geranium buds before they could bloom.  I gave him a loud round of applause, which he did not appreciate one bit.  He flew away in a huff.

Bits of work are filtering in, thank goodness.  I am beginning to forget how to do large segments of the job, because my work assignments are brief and very spread out. Thank goodness I made the time to write notes!

My sleeping patterns have been disrupted lately, for some mysterious reason.  I drop off into a sound sleep without any trouble, but come 4:00 a.m. I’m wide awake and raring to go.  There is no place to go at 4:00 a.m..  Sometimes, if I have a short afternoon nap I can break this unpleasant pattern.  Here I am though, wide awake and typing like there is no tomorrow!

Terra is almost finished her course, and has sent some beautiful graduation photos.  She has a look in her eyes that I haven’t seen before, and wonderful it is to see.  That sense of accomplishment that one derives from achieving a goal, a difficult goal, shines bright in her face.  Luna had that same look about her when she gave birth to the twins.  Different daughters, different dreams, different strengths… all wonderful.

This afternoon Terra called to say that she has been offered a position at the placement facility where she has been training, and will begin work right after graduation. Well done Terra!

Luna brought her camera to the family gathering (four generations attended) that we held early in May.  Luna takes wonderful pictures.  Today, with Janus home to help with the kids, Luna found time to upload some of those pictures to our family web site.  I created a web site for our family to share information, news and photos.  We have pictures of six generations of our family.  I’ve known and loved five of those generations.  My Mom has known and loved all six of those generations.  We are all sharing pictures that we have, so that it doesn’t really matter who has possession of the originals, we all get to enjoy them.

Worldly Distractions

“I’m not sure I want popular opinion on my side — I’ve noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts.”
Bethania McKenstry (whoever she is!)

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