Happy Endless Winter

Caitrìona arrived home from Florida on Thursday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. She left Florida on Wednesday morning, drove all the way to southern Ontario by herself. She arrived home, did a few little things and headed out the door to play bridge. What a gal! The roads here have been bad the last few days.… Continue reading Happy Endless Winter

Go Away Winter

Go away winter. Never mind the ink not flowing in the pens this morning, my fingers won’t move. I have to type everything in at least twice because my numb old fingers can’t find the right keys. Will this winter ever end! Homeless people are going to heaven for surviving this without any kind of… Continue reading Go Away Winter

Indecisive Lion

Morning Installment Another working morning, thank goodness. This afternoon’s schedule includes a visit to the doctor for a prescription renewal and a wee bit of shopping; driving an hour there and an hour back at highways speeds. This morning I awoke to the roar of high winds, then it started to snow. The mercury is… Continue reading Indecisive Lion

March by Installment

Morning Installment The distant sky is pink with first light. Attila is making a lot of noise outside, with the snowblower, for which i am very grateful. Last night he removed the snow from my car, before we retired to our bed, so that this morning’s preparations for work will be minimized. It is the… Continue reading March by Installment