Another work week has begun. Odd energy out there today. Not in the least unpleasant, but odd. Herself was pleasant, relatively speaking. Customer’s were patient and polite. Once I arrived home for lunch I even received a polite telephone call to tell me that I did not get a job, another job I had applied… Continue reading Navigation

Day of Rest

Well, here we are of a Sunday, home the whole day through. The sky is cloudy, the ground is white and soggy. We have done laundry. We have done dishes. We will cook and do a bit of cleaning. We have had a heart to heart talk, something we find necessary every so often, cleans… Continue reading Day of Rest

The Day Slipped By

Morning Installment A quiet cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire is about all the excitement I can bear this morning. Attila and I are working today. We will both have a day off tomorrow. We thought about visiting our little house in the city this weekend, but snow/rain has been forecast for… Continue reading The Day Slipped By

Being Alive is Great

Morning Installment It is still raining out there, after raining all night. The driveway is ice/slush/water, but Attila got out without any trouble, so I expect to as well. The roads will be clear and wet for the drive into work. It is a beautiful drive. No matter how distracted I am at the thought… Continue reading Being Alive is Great

Quiet Day, Early Night

Today was a long day; I worked for six hours and am no longer accustomed to being on my feet for that long. I feel pretty good, all things considered. The office I’m working in for the next few days is a pleasant one, so I’m happy to be there. Rain, rain, rain! We received… Continue reading Quiet Day, Early Night