A New Grandbaby On The Way

Terra, and Lares, and Sunny, and Sky, called us on FaceTime last night.

They introduced us to the first picture of a new member of the family!

Terra is expecting a third child in July! This is wonderful news!

They are very happy.

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Congrats to all! Glad to hear this has happened to Terra, who I remember as having had a hard time conceiving.

Three seems to be the new number in young families. We also have three grandchildren from DH’s side. The youngest girl (2 girls and a boy) will be 2 in just a few days. And a niece is also expecting a 3rd child in April. She currently has 2 girls and the third is expected to be a boy.

Joan Lansberry

Congratulations to all! I hope Terra’s pregnancy is a smooth one.

Bex Crowell

Get out that hook and get going on a blanket for the new little ‘un! Congratulations!